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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

help make sure richard clarke's message is not awol from the airwaves

we got an email from moveon.org, which is trying to put together a tv ad to get richard clarke's point of view about awol's short-sightedness to the american public. as the email says:

instead of refuting clarke's claims, the bush administration has launched a campaign of character assassination, hoping that the story will just go away.

we're committed to stopping that from happening by making sure that the american public hears clarke's extraordinary comments. if we can raise $300,000 in the next few days, we can run a hard-hitting ad nationally that highlights his message. you can see a rough story board of the ad and donate to get it on the air at:
this place right here.

moveon rightly points out that clarke is a repubbblican and a hawk, and has independent witnesses confirming his conversation where awol hinted strongly to find a connection between 9/11 and al-qaeda.

if you've got any spare cash, even $5.00, send it to moveon.

moveon.org. it's what's for diner!
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