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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

book on awol's connection to saudis now awol in britain

craig unger's book house of bush, house of saud, detailing the extensive links between the two blood lines, has been banned in britain, due to the publisher's (rightly placed) fear of lawsuits by the saudi's.

eric boehlert writes in salon:

"we've had to withdraw it for legal reasons," says an editor at secker & warburg, a u.k. division of random house. "we expected we would be able to publish it with a degree of risk. but regrettably in the final analysis we decided we could not."

"essentially it's been quashed," says author craig unger. scribner published the book in the united states on march 16. (shortly before that, salon ran exclusive excerpts from the book.)

unger's literary agent elizabeth sheinkman stresses the decision had nothing to do with the book's quality and that secker & warburg editors "were very excited about" the manuscript. "but they were concerned that it could be very costly for them," she says. "in the process of having it legally vetted they were ultimately advised it would be dangerous to publish the book. or rather, the likelihood of random house being sued by the saudis was too likely for them to go forward."
we cannot criticize the british publishers for this action. the libel laws are very "plaintiff-friendly" in that country, and it's better to run away and live to fight another day.
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