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Monday, March 29, 2004

awol headlines now semi-awol

we'd like to thank everyone who voted in our poll for the past two weeks, to help us decide whether or not to keep the "all awol all the time" format.

as you may remember, the first week the results got lost by pollhost, so we were forced to run it an unprecedented second week. never in all the three weeks since we had been running polls had we maintained one for two weeks in a row.

as you can see, the plurality of people who voted would like (or, as the networks would say, 44% of americans think) that we should keep the format, which includes ever-harder-to-write headlines which always incorporate the concept of "awol" some way or the other. but an impressing 28% of americans say we shouldn't.

add to that a not-to-be-discounted 20% of americans who want to know why this poll is such a yucky color, and the results of the last week (which, before the nimnutz at pollhost lost them, indicated an even split down the middle), as well as the two guys who would rather read de beste, and we'd have to say it's practically a toss up, with a little bit of progressive leaning towards keeping the format.

therefore, we, unlike the repubbbs, are always ready to compromise. therefore, here is our new policy: when the story has to do with awol, or perhaps his posse, we will use the "awol" concept in the headline. otherwise, we will have one of the interns write a totally un-awol-related caption for the story.

but please be sure to vote in our new poll this week, asking "should condoleeza rice testify publicly before the 911 commission?
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