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Thursday, February 19, 2004

trolls not awol from skippy

in the last couple of weeks, we have happily noticed an increase in our hit rates on our humble blog. we assumed it was our new "all awol all the time" format (readers' score so far: one for, one against, the new format).

but something else is happening. we are getting far more angry trolls hurling unfocused invective at us in our comments section. we are not talking about people with differing opinions debating the issues. we are talking about some choice vitrol aimed squarely at our ego. to wit:

i have a novel idea - why don't you go out and get your own job. you are so pathetic that you have to look to the president for a job. i hate to break the news to you but the president doesn't have any ability to create jobs. as i said a few years ago, yes bill did a great job with the economy - bill gates that is not bill clinton who had nothing to do with it. - realistic

still carrying on like a fool, aren't you?

get a life kid?

you are one ignorant son of a bitch. and, yes, you are unpatriotic... as well as just plain stupid.

look in the mirror. you don't have the iq of a potato. dumb as a brick. and proud of it, too. what a combination. you are simply too stupid to understand a man with the experience and wisdom of president bush. - stephen
we must give thanks that these kids are venting their spleen on our blog rather than putting pipe bombs in women health clinics.

as we've said before, the great thing about democracy is that everybody has a voice. and the terrible thing about democracy is that everybody has a voice.

addendum: no sooner had we written the above post, when we got an email response to a response to a response to our reporting of doxagora's rebuttal of ann coulter's snide remarks putting down max cleland.

we quoted the watchful babbler's rendition of sen. cleland's war heroism, and got this email, from one tjschul:

"inexperienced soldier who had incorrectly set the pin for a hair-trigger detonation."

pins on hand grenades are not set for anything, by anyone, you are a full of shit liberal. been there done that. some stupid ass in san francisco might believe it, not a veteran. do some research you won't look as dim.
now, as any regular reader of our blog knows, nobody at skippy international was in the military, so mr. tjschul could be right about the setting of pins on grenades. we only took watchful babbler's account of how sen. cleland lost his three limbs at face value, since watchful has always been heretofor erudite, scholarly and beyond reproach in his accounts of previous events.

we wonder what san francisco has to do with anything. still, we admit, we were not at our best when we mailed him back:


i didn't write that, i quoted that. you are writing to the wrong person. do some research, you won't look so dim.
not our finest hour. but tjschul did write us back, expressing a subjective but indisputable truth:

sorry, i guess its the crap you "quote", that makes you look dim.
what we want to know is, when tjschul used quotation marks around the word "quote," what kind of ronic was he being? i? or mo?

moral of the story: our blog is bringing the illogical, irrational and reactionary out of the woodwork.

we have arrived.
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