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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

you may want a second opinion, doctor

liberal oasis provides an interesting analysis of what happened in iowa to people-powered howard. among other points:

and while it’s very difficult to determine exactly what iowa turned on, since so much was happening all at once, it seems that dean allowed a thin skin to show at exactly the wrong time.

in fact, that’s what dean’s team seems to think, according to today’s usa today:

…dean was thrown off balance by a barrage of criticism in debates and tv ads from other campaigns.

aides say the low point came nine days ago, when dean lost his temper with an elderly man who praised bush at length at a town-hall meeting.

"you sit down," dean barked, a moment that was aired on local tv. "you had your say, and now i'm going to have my say."

lo would add that soon after that, dean said, “i'm going after everybody because i'm tired of being the pin cushion here.”
liberal oasis makes a good point, in that now the other candidates will begin to feel the heat of relentless attacks from within and without. who will hold up? who will wither? and who will tell joe lieberman that dennis kucinish has a better chance of getting the nomination than he does?
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