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Saturday, January 31, 2004

franken, my dear, we do give a damn

we have blogged earlier this week about a report found on blah3 that robert novak assaulted a new hampshire citizen who accused him of being a traitor.

on our comments section, person of choler [ed. note: we still don't get that joke], our gadfly from the other side of the aisle, insisted in two separate posts that it was par for the course, because after all, " as al franken has recently established, it is permissible for political commentators to knock down people with whom they disagree."

we then googled al franken and heckler, and boy, look what we got! tons of reports that franken had "body slammed" a poor, unassuming man at a dean rally, whose only crime was that he was shouting anti-dean rhetoric. oh the horror! oh the supression of free speech! oh the reminders of how unfunny snl was during the 80's!

luckily, cursor directs us to the truth, in two forms: first, the new hampshire union leader, which talked with peter ramsey, the venue's manager, who was actually there.

[the heckler] was screaming. he was out of control,” ramsey said.

ramsey said he went over to help calm the situation and also got elbowed and pushed.

“all of a sudden, i looked to my right, and al franken was grabbing onto this man’s back,” ramsey said.

“he (franken) gave him a hefty patriots block. he should be a patriot,” ramsey said.

“i never met al franken before. he is now my new hero,” ramsey said of the former “saturday night live” writer.

ramsey said a news photographer later told him franken reacted to being elbowed by the protester, who knocked his glasses off.
the second source of truth is our old friend eric at the hamster, who elucidates the rightist media's smear campaign on franken, as they make him out to be some sort of storm trooper.

good going, eric!
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