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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

back to norml

kris krane of norml sends us an email touting an action alert for cbs's plans to air ant-marijuana ads during the superbowl.

[ed. note: must find out what ever would cause the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws to think skippy might be interested. perhaps it this blog's penchant for progressive causes...and munchies...and...what else? uh.......]

those of you who followed moveon's attempt to get an anti-awol ad on the superbowl are familar with cbs's policy to, quote, not air issue-oriented ads, unquote.

thusly, norml wants to know why cbs doesn't consider anti-marijuana spots to be "issue-oriented." as the action alert page says,

if cbs is to be consistent, then they must also adhere to this policy when it comes to the [office of national drug control policy’s] ads. marijuana decriminalization currently enjoys 72% support among the american public, according to the latest cnn/time polling data. clearly this is a "controversial issue of public importance" that divides american public opinion, and any public service announcement on the subject that promotes only one side of this issue must be considered an issue ad.

clearly cbs only applies this standard to issue ads that they disagree with. for example, the network accepted a super bowl ad that discourages tobacco smoking and one from the american legacy foundation encouraging "lifestyle choices" for teenagers, in addition to the ondcp anti-marijuana ads.
norml has a pre-written letter that they will send in your name to the the bastards at cbs decrying this hypocrisy, only they phrase it more politely. as usual, we suggest you modify the letter slightly in your words, especially the beginning paragraph, so it doesn't come across like mass mailings from a crackpot.

skippy, of course, having been in advertising himself, can tell you the real reason for cbs's stand: the suits don't want to piss off the competing product, beer. but don't let that stop you from writing a letter letting them know how you feel.

this bud's for you!

addendum: the horse has some cbs addresses to use to write them letters:

cbs television network
51 w. 52nd st.
new york, ny 10019
(212) 975-4321
or you can email them

and the horse suggests you write cbs news and ask them why they haven't reported on this obvious conflict of interest:

cbs news
555 w. 57th st.
new york, ny 10019
(212) 975-4114
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