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Saturday, January 31, 2004

last chance to vote

we don't know if it is or not, but we got your attention, didn't we?

we know that they'll be wrapping up the voting at the koufax awards over at wampum pretty soon, so be sure to go vote for skippy for most humorous blog.
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people powered howard, meet snobby-powered lobby

in an irony so rich that we ourselves considered getting out of the sarcasm business (who can compete with stuff like this?), howard dean, the ultimate outsider, has hired roy neel, the ultimate insider as his campaign manager to replace outgoing joe trippi.

as david corn writes in the nation:

since entering the race, dean has insistently said, "we have to take our country back" from the special interests. the slogan on his bus reads, "you have the power." he has decried the hold that business interests have on the federal government. well, what does he think neel did when he ran the telecom lobby? did neel go up to capitol hill--or send his underlings--to beseech legislators to pass legislation with consumers foremost in mind? did he use his connections with the clinton-gore administration to help out consumer advocates trying to protect the rights of "ordinary americans" as congress and regulatory agencies handled telecom issues? is maple syrup good for your teeth?

neel was part of washington's insider network--which does not look out for the people dean claims he wants to empower. in 1999 and 2000, the usta spent $3.5 million to lobby congress, according to lobbying reports it filed. (the association probably spent more; not all lobbying activity is reported.) to help the telecoms, neel recruited other influence peddlers in town, including the lobbying firm of haley barbour, who then chaired the republican national committee. other barbour clients: british american tobacco, the edison electric institute, glaxo wellcome, lockheed martin, microsoft, philip morris. neel's outfit also retained wallman strategic consulting, which represented general motors and worldcom.
and timothy noah of slate's chatterbox cheerfully provides proof refuting dr. dean's assertion that roy never lobbied.

the hiring of neel might yet turn out to be good for dean's campaign. but we hardly think it's good for dean's message.
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left a good job in the city, workin' for the man every night and day

via talkleft, we find that howard bashman of how appealing has left his job at dewey, cheatem, and howe, and struck out on his own opening his own single-practioner law firm.

good luck, howard! keep on fightin' the good fight!
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say hello

to drug war rant.
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franken, my dear, we do give a damn

we have blogged earlier this week about a report found on blah3 that robert novak assaulted a new hampshire citizen who accused him of being a traitor.

on our comments section, person of choler [ed. note: we still don't get that joke], our gadfly from the other side of the aisle, insisted in two separate posts that it was par for the course, because after all, " as al franken has recently established, it is permissible for political commentators to knock down people with whom they disagree."

we then googled al franken and heckler, and boy, look what we got! tons of reports that franken had "body slammed" a poor, unassuming man at a dean rally, whose only crime was that he was shouting anti-dean rhetoric. oh the horror! oh the supression of free speech! oh the reminders of how unfunny snl was during the 80's!

luckily, cursor directs us to the truth, in two forms: first, the new hampshire union leader, which talked with peter ramsey, the venue's manager, who was actually there.

[the heckler] was screaming. he was out of control,” ramsey said.

ramsey said he went over to help calm the situation and also got elbowed and pushed.

“all of a sudden, i looked to my right, and al franken was grabbing onto this man’s back,” ramsey said.

“he (franken) gave him a hefty patriots block. he should be a patriot,” ramsey said.

“i never met al franken before. he is now my new hero,” ramsey said of the former “saturday night live” writer.

ramsey said a news photographer later told him franken reacted to being elbowed by the protester, who knocked his glasses off.
the second source of truth is our old friend eric at the hamster, who elucidates the rightist media's smear campaign on franken, as they make him out to be some sort of storm trooper.

good going, eric!
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Friday, January 30, 2004

happy superbowl weekend from the bush economic team

not that anybody asked us, but we could have told you that the economic growth for last quarter was probably going to turn out to be less than the experts were predicting.

and boy, were we right. yahoo news says:

u.s. economic growth slowed to a 4 percent annual rate in the closing three months of 2003, less than half the third-quarter pace as consumers curbed their spending, the commerce department reported on friday…

the fourth-quarter expansion in gross domestic caught markets by surprise because it was well below wall street economists' forecasts for a 4.8 percent rate of increase and far below a sizzling 8.2 percent increase posted in the third quarter when tax-induced spending was strong.
cnnmoney, while spinning this gdp number as "healthy" (rather like saying, "sure, but the icu patient is still breathing!") does admit:

consumer spending, which makes up more than two-thirds of total gdp, rose at a pace of 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter, the commerce department said, compared with a rate of growth of 6.9 percent in the third quarter.
well, don't worry, those jobs should start showing up any time now.

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good thing we captured saddam after the kurds let him go part ten

we admit, we have been quite remiss in reporting on the u.s. troop deaths in iraq as of late. it seemed to us to be turning into an overwhelming task, but we thought that it was probably just our imagination. now, thanks to atrios, we learned that we were wrong, we weren't making it up after all. from the financial times.com:

us combat deaths in iraq have risen sharply during january despite a drop in the number of attacks and the capture of former dictator saddam hussein over a month ago.

as of thursday, 33 american soldiers and one civilian had been killed by hostile fire during the month. that compares with 24 us combat deaths
in december, and a total of 32 coalition combat deaths.

the figures appear to show that the security situation in iraq is not improving, contrary to earlier claims from the us military and politicians.
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one down - the whole freakin' rnc to go

our friends at resident bush alert us to this article by johnathan david morris...a writer of polictical satire from the other side of the aisle...that's right, a funny repubbb (our apologies, scrappleface...we know you're a funny repubbb, and we admit it outloud).

but the interesting thing about this particular essay is that mr. morris disavows his earlier support of not only the "second gulf war" as he calls it, but the republican party as well. he says:

so here's the bottom line: i supported the second gulf war because i thought we were waging it in self-defense. the lack of wmds leads me to believe we had nothing to defend ourselves from -- except fear. i see now that the arguments i made in favor of the war were as empty as the arguments made for and against it by our leaders.

somehow his logic then leads him to the conclusion he ought to buy a gun...something we wouldn't recommend. but it's interesting to see a former warhawk see through awol's bushwa (pun intended) and come to his senses.

now if we could get colin powell to admit it in public...

addendum: make that two down...thanks to alan f's daily kos diary, we find this article by charles goyette in the american conservative discussing how he lost his job in conservative radio for opposing awol's war in iraq (he used to work for clear channel...what a surprise he got fired!)
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super blow

moveon.org is calling for a "one minute boycott" of the superbowl on sunday.

our story so far: cbs has refused to air the winning "bush in 30 seconds" ad ("child's pay"), based on the principle that they don't air ads made by progressive blogs that make fun of c+ students in positions of power, or something like that. luckily for us, somebody at cnn goofed and accepted the ad, which will be shown on cnn at 8:10 and 8:35 eastern, 5:10 and 5:35 real time.

so, moveon would like everyone to change their tv channels at those times to watch "child's pay" on cnn. we're not sure what that will do in terms of actual effects on sponsorship, but at least we get to see the winning ad on tv.

moveon asks that you register your dissent on this page on their website.

moveon also points out the many voices that have spoken up on their behalf. among them: now and the aclu. and senator dick durbin made a speech on the floor of the senate calling for cbs to run the ad, and 28 members of the house of represtatives also signed a letter in support (and senator ron wyden wrote a separate letter).

but wait, there's more! among the newspapers who wrote editorials condemning cbs's cowardly actions were the latimes, the sfchron, the bosglobe and others.

what can we say? since the bronco's aren't anywhere near the superbowl this year, we don't even know if we'll be watching. but we will tune in to ccn to see "child's pay" air, and we hope you will too.

addendum: you may want to check out the mediachannel's new blog media for democracy 2004 to join their initiative to "monitor mainstream coverage of the 2004 elecitons and advocate fiar, democratic and issue-oriented standards of report." this seems to include an action alert about cbs's ignoring of the moveon ad.
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remember, you can't spell aryan without "a-y-n"

our arch-enemy, ayn clouter, has written a provacative piece about liberals calling their opponents "nazi's" over on her reprehensible blog.
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Thursday, January 29, 2004


now this is scary.
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say hello

to phillip coons.
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national insecurity - a skippy rant

it amuses us that the rightists, when confronted with reality, are able to twist things, no matter how implausible, to their favor.

case in point: the economic recovery is looking shaky, people keep dying in iraq, and both of these issues are bad for awol's re-election. so what do the rightists do? they tout "national security." from abc news:

republican party chief ed gillespie previewed the bush campaign's strategy in a speech thursday, calling into question kerry's national security credentials and charging that kerry would weaken the nation's defenses.
our question at skippy international is, why would awol want to brag about his national security credentials?

he presided over the biggest national security disaster in history. numerous warnings, both in the intelligence communities (witness "the phoenix memo), and all the way up to the aug. 6 memo describing bin laden's plans for "hijacking," were swirling around prior to 9/11, for anybody to take a gander at.

now, we're not saying awol was complicit in 9/11. we're saying he was complacent. he did not exert due diligence as commander in chief to stop this terrible disaster.

it's rather like a bank president saying, "keep me in my job, i'm so good at protecting the assets, remember when there was that big bank robbery under my watch? boy, i sure was macho in the following days!"

and yes, we know, there are rumors that awol is planning a big afghanistan push to find bin laden. it's only been 3 years since he knocked down our towers. good idea! not enough soldiers have died in afghanistan yet.

and speaking of dying soldiers, that brings us to our other question about awol's credentials for "national security." what's the deal with iraq?

awol constantly harped to american that saddam was a threat. turns out he wasn't. and no links to al qaeda either.

what does awol do? blame the intelligence communities. again.

so, let's review. awol couldn't get his act, or acts of the the departments under him, together enough to prevent, or at least warn us about 9/11. awol couldn't get the right info to go to war with, and thusly spent billions of dollars and hundreds of american lives (not to mention iraqi lives) for an operation that turns out to be unnecessary in terms of america's safety.

so tell us, again, what's so great about this guy's "national security" credentials? trust us, if we had an employee whose record was so bad, and especially if that record was the one thing the employee was bragging about at his yearly review, we'd can his ass.

so, america, that's what we must do.

let's can his ass.
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say hello

to let's try that again and bloggo stupendo.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

so that's what bloggers sound like

if any of you missed minnesota public radio's show "the blogging of the president" last sunday, you can hear it on the web. guests included atrios, and josh marshall, as well as jerome armstrong, everyone's favorite sully, and some guy named gary hart.

(a big thanks and tip of the bush kangaroo hat to the invaluable cursor for the link!)
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the ol' skippy mailbag

our buds at resident bush sends us this link to lew rockwell's latest essay "give you liberty or give you death" which talks about the us's dilemna in iraq over popular music that advocates, shall we say, an unfriendly attitude towards the occupiers...sorry, we mean liberators.

and the independent institute sends us dr. ivan eland's conclusion that weapons of mass destruction are overrted as a threat to america.
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and in this corner, bob novak

thanks to atrios, we find blah3 reporting on an incident in new hampshire where bob novak pushed down a dissenting citizen who was angry about the plame affair :

just got off the phone with symbolman - he was outside the merrimac restaurant in manchester, nh where cnn is broadcasting, and he said things got a bit testy when bob novak came out of the restaurant, heading for the cnn bus.

apparently, someone from the crowd got on novak's case, calling him a traitor a few times. novak went ballistic - sym decribed it as a 'lee harvey oswald moment' - and went over and shoved the guy, sending him sprawling.

the citizen, brad carr, has filed assault charges. blah3 suggest we all contact cnn to ask them why dean can't get angry but novak can?

here's skippy's response to cnn:

why can bob novak be allowed to physcially push down a citizen (bob carr) in new hampshire because the man thinks novak's part in the plame affair was bad?

how is it that you can call howard dean angry, but you're ready to let something as bad as illegal physical assault pass on one of your reporters?

by the way, tell wolf blitzer (who argued with dennis kucinich) that the us went to war against japan and germany in wwii not because we wanted to change their regime, but because japan attacked us directly, and germany, japan's ally, was at the time invading and occupying other countries. in otherwords, they declared war on this country first.

don't you guys give your anchors some sort of mental health screening before you hire them?

addendum: we're not advocating dissent, but someone on the blah3 comments section posted bob novak's office number: 202-393-4340.
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keep thinkin' good thoughts

we are happy to find out that steve gilliard made it through heart surgery.

as skippy himself is a heart patient from his childhood years, we all at skippy international headquarters are especially relieved to hear this news.

godspeed, gilly!

please, keep steve in your prayers for a speedy recovery.
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moore stuff on awol

thanks to papau, long time kos contributor, and his forum on democratic underground, we were directed to michael moore's statement on his website today.

michael points out that when he called awol a deserter as he introduced gen. clark, he was being facetious and funny:

i was just attempting my best impersonation of that announcer guy for the world wrestling federation, asking the cheering crowd if they would like to see a smackdown ("debate") which i called "the generaaal versus the deserterrrr!!"

when the press heard me use that word "deserter," though, the bells and whistles went off, for this was one of those stories they knew they had ignored -- and now it was rearing its ugly, truthful head on a very public stage. without a single other word from me other than the d-word, they immediately got so defensive that it looked to many viewers like they—the press—maybe had something to hide…

instead, they have created the brouhaha over bush's military record, often without telling their audience what the exact charges are. it seems all they want to do is to get clark or me -- or you -- to shut up. "we have never investigated this and so we want you to apologize for bringing it up!" ha ha ha.
we like moore's response to the rightists' defense of awol:

what if any of them chose to do what bush did back in the early 70s -- just not show up? i've seen republican defenders of bush this week say, “yeah, but he made up the time later.” so, can today's national guardsmen do the same thing -- just say, when called up to go to iraq, "um, i'm not going to show up, i'll make up the time later!"? can you imagine what would happen? of course, none of them are the son of a congressman, like young lt. bush was back in 1972.
sounds like a plan to us!

cross-posted on the american street.
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happy chinese new year from the bush economic team!

yes, the screeching heads insist we're in the middle of an economic recovery, and that's because most of them make over 100k a year, so it's looking pretty damn good for them.

for the rest of us, however, there are still some questions. job loss aside, we'd have to wonder why the sales of new homes fell last month by 5%. cnnmoney says:

the pace of new home sales in the united states slowed for the second straight month in december, the government said wednesday, missing wall street expectations for a gain.

the commerce department said the pace of new single-family home sales fell 5.1 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.06 million units from a revised rate of 1.12 million units in november. economists, on average, expected a pace of 1.1 million units, according to briefing.com.
even worse, sale of durable goods was flat in december. durable goods are big ticket items, such as comptuers. and the sales of such items did not increas in december. quicken tells us:

durable-goods demand remained flat in december, surprising analysts as declines in orders for computers and metals offset an increase in motor vehicles.

orders for longer-lasting manufactured goods were unchanged at $181.4 billion last month, the commerce department said wednesday. orders for november tumbled 2.3%, revised up from a previously estimated 2.5% decrease…

the estimate for december durables was much weaker than expected on wall street. a dow jones-cnbc survey of 22 economists had forecast orders to rise 2.4% for the month.
oh, well, it's not like there's any national holiday predicated on gift-giving that time of year.
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blitzer blitz

if you're here from this modern world, or, cursor, or orcinus, or american politics journal, or atrios, or anywhere else looking for the bit about wolf blitzer and awol, you want the post below titled finally, wolf was speechless.

if you're here wondering whom to vote for as the most humorous blog in the koufax awards at wampum, it's spelled s-k-i-p-p-y. (you can email marybeth or dwight with your vote. remember, no capital letters, please!)
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if you knew hampshire like we knew hampshire

the estimated prophet talks about his experience on the ground in the primary yesterday.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

that was the year that was

reader chris lark, with his blog partner ian head, has put together the best of 2003. we can't tell if they're being ironic or not...
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win place and show

in the new hampshire horse race, it's easily kerry and dean for first and second. as of this writing, third could go to either clark or edwards, though clark has the most votes of the two.

and our definition of an optimist? joe lieberman, who calls his fifth place finish a "three-way split" for third. cnn tells us:

lieberman, whose campaign was buffeted by rumors that he would drop out, strongly refuted those suggestions tuesday night.

"i'm not dropping out because there's a virtual split decision for third and no one thought that i would have ended up this close to wes clark and john edwards," he told cnn.
if by close he means more than 6,000 votes behind, then, yes, nobody thought he'd be that close.

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no bush jokes, please

we've found a new blog: babes against bush..."13 beautiful women versus one hideous president."
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and we loves pie!

we're not sure, but is kim at free pie back in blogtopia*?

*yes! we coined that phrase!
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say hello

to fu's fume.
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ad it up

moveon reports that the grassroots support of its "bush in 30 seconds" ad for the superbowl has gained momentum. an email we received says:

over the last four days, something incredible has happened. cbs has received over 340,000 emails and phone calls asking it to stop its censorship. clearly a huge number of us believe that cbs's refusal to run our voter fund ad, while allowing the bush white house to run an advocacy ad of its own, is just plain wrong.

columnists and editorial pages are writing about it. and on monday, fcc commissioner michael copps issued a statement on it. these folks understand that this issue isn't just about our voter fund's ad -- an ad by people for the ethical treatment of animals was censored as well. at heart, it's about free speech. huge companies like cbs that control access to the publicly owned airwaves have to air opposing points of view.
moveon has a letter you can send to cbs president les moonves (as always, we recommend you take advantage of their "personal message" option, to make the letter unique, and thusly harder to dismiss as a duplicate spam-astroturf product).

or why not call cbs directly, at (212) 975-4321, and be sure to be polite!
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seeing red

the folks at left is right are underwhelmed at the fuss over the mars probes.
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kerrying new hampshire

early returns at 5:15 real time show john kerry ahead of howard dean, 38% to 24%. the washpost sez:

with 16 percent of precincts reporting, kerry was leading dean by 38 percent to 24 percent. sen. john edwards (n.c.) and retired army gen. wesley k. clark were tied at 13 percent, and sen. joseph i. lieberman (conn.) was fifth at 10 percent.

stay tuned. or don't. cnn tv has already declared kerry the winner, so we can all watch judging amy tonight instead.
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good night

jack paar, the man who pretty much invented late night talk shows, has died at the age of 85. the nytimes tells us:

before jack paar, there were various variety shows doing the midnight watch," the critic john j. o'connor wrote in the new york times in 1997. "he simplified the format into a talk show, complete with the sofa-and-desk set that remains a fixture. his secret? interesting guests, far more so than the celebrity hordes working on product plugs today, and an uncanny ability to listen carefully and actually engage in clever and often witty conversation"...

"long before david letterman," [william] grimes continued, "mr. paar had an anarchic streak that inspired him to pair guests like liberace and cassius clay, or jayne mansfield and zsa zsa gabor, or to get in the ring with a professional wrestler, or to shuffle the cue cards in the middle of a robert goulet-judy garland duet"...

mr. paar's couch also became a launching pad for dozens of unknowns who would get national exposure on his show, among them bill cosby, mike nichols and elaine may, carol burnett, woody allen, the smothers brothers and godfrey cambridge. "everyone thinks ed sullivan discovered the beatles," mr. paar once complained. "that's not true. i had them on before he did. i did it because i thought they were funny, not because i liked the music. i'm a muzak kind of guy — my home's like living in an elevator."
good night, jack.

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clark wins new hampshire

well, at least a little tiny part of it.

the insomniac citizens of the new hampshire towns of dixville notch and hart's location cast the first ballots of the first primary of the 2004 election at midnight this morning (last night?), and in a surprise upset, general wesley clark won the majority of the 31 votes. wmru-tv reports:

combined with the town of hart's location, clark received 14 votes. sen. john kerry was second with eight votes. former vermont gov. howard dean and sen. john edwards each received four votes, and sen. joe lieberman got one vote.

none of the other candidates received any votes.

in the last decade, only in the 1996 republican race did the state follow dixville notch's lead by also voting for bob dole in the primary.
it's an upset! no, wait, that's our stomach...
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talk about eye-rony

thanks to phil's diary on the daily kos, we find this story about a kentuck state senator (repubbb, of course) whose wife is suing her doctor for the very kind of malpractice damages the senator is fighting to ban. the lexington herald leader reports:

while state senate president david williams is trying to limit jury awards in medical malpractice cases, his wife is suing a lexington ophthalmologist for unspecified damages and claiming that he impaired her vision…

robyn williams, a russell county lawyer who married david williams last july, sued [dr. thomas] abell in taylor circuit court on oct. 25, 2002, claiming that eye surgery he performed on her in taylor county damaged her vision…

williams said yesterday that he has never talked to his wife's lawyer about the lawsuit or read its contents. he also said the suit does not contradict his legislation.

"all lawyers operate under the law that's in effect," he said. "i would think her lawyer would be guilty of malpractice himself if he didn't proceed under the laws that would avail her of any relief to which she is entitled."
we wonder if the senator and his wife see eye to eye on this issue.

cross posted on the american street.
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say hello

to anti-corp, inc.
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at last, a real repubbblican

take a look at the competition for awol's job from within the repubbblican party: jim taylor.
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Monday, January 26, 2004

mumbling wolf blitzer

if you're here from this modern world, or atrios, or, cursor, or orcinus, or american politics journal, or anywhere else looking for the bit about wolf blitzer and awol, you want the post below titled finally, wolf was speechless.
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say hello

to lying media bastards.
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but we had bad intelligence (fill in your own punchline, folks!)

it's official. david kay, a week after his resignation as the chief weapons inspector for the u.s., admits there's probably no wmd's to be found in iraq. even worse, he points the finger past awol to the intelligence agencies. the voice of america says

david kay, the outgoing chief u.s. weapons inspector in iraq says it is not likely that any large stockpiles of banned weapons will be found in iraq. mr. kay has blamed intelligence failures for what he now says is the mistaken belief that saddam hussein had chemical or biological weapons.
but reuters points out that this turn of events and the worm leaves awol open to attacks, or at least a nasty scolding, from the dems:

the conclusions from david kay, who resigned last week as the chief u.s. weapons investigator in iraq, raised questions about the quality of u.s. intelligence before the war and whether the bush administration hyped it to justify its case for war against saddam hussein.

"this is another huge blow to the administration's trumped-up case for war in iraq," said massachusetts democratic sen. edward kennedy, who supports john kerry's campaign for the democratic presidential nomination...

democrats want an independent probe to look at what went wrong with u.s. intelligence and whether the bush administration manipulated it to justify an invasion.

we wonder how blaming the intelligence communities will affect the demands for an inquiry into the plame affair.

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the world needs more drunk kangaroos

thanks to reader and longtime contributer (and the very lovely) rose, we find the gray kangaroo cheap liquor filter, to make bad booze taste like booze that 's not so bad.
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say hello

to daily connotations.
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awol awol debunking debunked

orcinus does the best job of dissecting the current hoopla the media is making over michael moore's assertion that awol is a deserter and that gen. clark has not disassociated his campaign from the film maker's support.

david also does a great service to us all by re-examining the facts that led us here in the first place...ie, awol is awol.

we, however, would like to take a turn at pointing out the other side's dissembling in their support of awol. and it all comes down to one thing: nobody has ever unequivocably said "george w. bush without question fulfilled all his obligations to the texas air national guard (and thus, to his country) during his tour of duty in the 1970's."

if somebody were to actually make that statement and back it up with facts and cites and sources (including paperwork from the pentagon and tang) then all this brouhaha would die a deserved death.

but nobody has ever said anything so clear. the other side makes all kinds of inimations, and equivocating quibblings, implications and prevarications [ed. note: anybody with microsoft word 2000 should use that program's thesaurus to look up the word "prevaricate for a good laugh]. but never an on-the-nose statement of "bush did his duty. period."

take, for instance, factcheck.org. they are happy to jump on "moore is a shrill jerk" bandwagon, taking him to task for the using the word "deserter." but as orcinus points out, nobody got on anyone's case for calling clinton a "draft-dodger" which was technically as incorrect as moore's assertion.

factcheck also quotes other publications to bolster its case:

george magazine reported in october of 2000:

it's time to set the record straight . . . . bush may have received favorable treatment to get into the guard, served irregularly after the spring of 1972 and got an expedited discharge, but he did accumulate the days of service required of him for his ultimate honorable discharge.

the new york times reported nov. 3, 2000:

but a review of records by the new york times indicated that some of those concerns (about bush?s absence) may be unfounded . . . . a review by the times showed that after a seven-month gap, he appeared for duty in late november 1972 at least through july 1973.

the washington post also reviewed records and concluded:

it is safe to say that bush did very light duty in his last two years in the guard and that his superiors made it easy for him.
the nytimes article uses the term "concerns [about bush going awol] may be unfounded" instead of "are unfounded." not very decisive. the post quote doesn't even address the issue. and while george magazine article does say up front that george w. bush did accumulate his days of service required. but unfortunately, no cites or sources are quoted. too bad we can't call up george's publisher and ask him! [ed. note: factcheck doesn't even provide links to those articles, the weasles!]

bill hobbs is even less specific. to him, and to most rightists, the fact that awol was given an honorable discharge means he fulfilled his obligations, and was never awol. of course! makes sense! the fact that he got into the tang over hundreds of people already on the list must mean he was way more qualified, too! and the fact that halliburton gets all those government contracts must mean they are the best ones to do the job! and the fact that richard mellon scaife is so rich must mean that his view of women being ostracized during menstruation is god's will!

in other words, to them, the end justifies the means. awol, the scion of a wealthy family, the son of an current ambassador who was a former congressman (soon to be the chairman of the rnc) must have achieved his accomplishments on his own, without anybody ever bending the rules for him.

they might be right. we are willing to concede they are. as soon as somebody in the national spotlight stops niggling gen. clark about somebody else's words, stops implying the charges are baseless and starts proving with paperwork that they are.

it's really that simple. show us the dd-214 that the democratic veteran talks about. show us the paperwork that records when awol made up his service. (we are not sure, but we believe that missing days have to be made up in the same quarter. anybody in the national guard out there to confirm/deny this?)

in other words, media, address the issue. prove your point. stop manipulating.

oh wait, who are we talking to? oh, right. that'll happen.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004


you are the 325,000th visitor to skippy!
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class in blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!)

we wish we were as classy as tom tomorrow. he has endorsed the daily kos as the best blog about politics in the 4th annual weblog awards, even though tom's blog this modern world has been nominated in the same category. as tom states:

...seriously, no false modesty here. as a political blog, his is far and away a better site than my little vanity page here, and this contest has the lefty vote splitting three ways against one righty. so i'm stepping out of the race--if elected, i will not serve--and endorsing kos.
now, that's class!

we wish we had that kind of integrity. if we did, we'd vote for somebody else other than ourselves as the most humorous blog in the koufax awards.

but we don't, so we won't. and instead, we urge all of you to go vote for us...and remember, skippy is spelled with no capital letters!

by the way, if speaking of tom's blog...if you're here from this modern world, or atrios, or, cursor, or orcinus, or american politics journal, or anywhere else looking for the bit about wolf blitzer and awol, you want the post below titled finally, wolf was speechless.
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lights! camera! reality!

gary denton sends of the easter lemming us this link to raw footage of dr. dean's iowa speech taken by one of the participants in the crowd. without the media filtering out the crowd noise, suddenly the context of where dean was coming from is very, very evident.
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kerry me back to ol' new hampshire

remember the old saying in new hampshire, you can spackle us and you can grout us, but you can't caucus. [ed. note: what?]

the best part of the polls coming out of new hampshire this week is one by newsweek in which john kerry beats awol by three points.

overall, 52 percent of those polled by newsweek say they would not like to see bush serve a second term, compared to 44 percent who want to see him win again in november. as a result, kerry is enjoying a marginal advantage over bush, a first for the poll. forty-nine percent of registered voters chose kerry, compared to 46 percent who re-elected bush. in fact, all democrats are polling better against bush, perhaps due to increased media attention to their primary horserace: clark gets 47 percent of voters’ choice compared to 48 percent from bush; edwards has 46 percent compared to bush’s 49; leiberman wins 45 percent versus bush’s 49 percent; and dean fares the worst with 45 percent of their votes to bush’s 50 percent.
[ed. note: great internet poll on that page! go take it!]

even better, john kerry is not backing down on his earlier assertions that awol is awol. the nypost, of all places, reports:

when vietnam veteran kerry, who tried to cut a macho image yesterday by playing in an ice hockey game with some former boston bruins players, was asked about moore's harsh attack, he said it was "over-the-top language."

but in 2000, kerry lashed out: "those of us who were in the military wonder how it is that someone [bush] who is supposedly serving on active duty having taken that oath can miss a whole year of service without even explaining where it went."

asked if kerry still believes that, spokeswoman stephanie cutter replied: "he stands by that statement."
so do we.

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glad we captured saddam part nine

another helicopter has been shot down in iraq, and the two pilots are missing. cnn reports:

two pilots of a crashed u.s. army helicopter were missing sunday, after they crashed into the tigris river near downtown mosul in northern iraq, a u.s. military source said.

the oh-58 kiowa warrior helicopter was on a search-and-rescue mission for a another u.s. soldier who was reported missing after his patrol boat capsized.

two iraqi police officers and an iraqi translator were killed and three u.s. soldiers were rescued in the boat incident.

military officials said an investigation was under way into the cause of the helicopter crash.

and cbs tells us, in their report 5 gi's die in iraq attacks:

cbs news correspondent allen pizzey says, despite recent claims by u.s. commanders that attacks on coalition forces in iraq are getting less frequent, "the attacks are becoming more frequent and more brutal."
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you blog us! you really blog us!

the entire staff at skippy international are as giddy as australian school girls on their way to a picnic at black rock, because your votes (which we shamelessly trolled for at every chance) put us into the finals of the koufax awards over at wampum blog.

so please go over and vote for us as the most humorous blog. or you can email marybeth or dwight (who have done such a grand job creating, facilitating and moderating the koufax awards) with your vote.

remember, skippy is spelled without capital letters!

(thanks to our good buddy talkleft for the heads up, and we voted for her as the best single issue blog! we'd love it if you did the same!)
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Saturday, January 24, 2004

send your prayers steve's way

kos regular and blogger extraordinaire steve gilliard has fallen seriously ill and needs surgery. please think good thoughts about the outcome.
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and we would like to thank you all for kindly dropping in

welcome to our humble blog. if you're here from atrios, or tom tomorrow, or cursor, or orcinus, or american politics journal, or anywhere else looking for the bit about wolf blitzer and awol, you want the post below titled finally, wolf was speechless.

if you're here looking for good music, click this.
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say hello

to hell for haliburton.
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more on awol being awol

we wrote our good buddy the democratic veteran a few days ago when this whole "did he or didn't he" story about awol's military service started getting noticed again.

we remembered a post on the demvet blog a while ago about some sort of form or paper everyone gets when they are discharged from military service, basically outlining what that service entailed.

demvet wrote us back:

i am soooo excited to see this starting to get some traction on the news and especially here in blogtopia! as i have pointed out last night, and before, the awol issue is good, but not getting a flight physical is better, because all the documentation exists that he disobeyed the orders.

everyone leaves the service with a dd-214. it proves and characterizes a service members time spent in the miilitary. back when prez awol would have gotten one, it might have shown an "honorable" discharge but the seperation program number told a different story. right after the five fools awarded chimpy the election the pentagon website with the spns went dark. how convenient.

here's the democratic veteran's post explaining it.
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cue herve villachez: de plame! de plame!

thanks to cursor, we find this nytimes piece stating that former intelligence officers are demanding a congressional investigation into the valerie plame affair:

their request, outlined in a letter on tuesday to speaker j. dennis hastert and others, reflects discontent and unrest within the intelligence services about the affair, along with concern that a four-month-old justice department investigation into the matter may never identify who was behind the disclosure. the syndicated columnist robert novak, who first identified ms. plame as a c.i.a. officer in a column last july, has identified his sources only as bush administration officials, and the justice department inquiry has not yet produced any public findings.

it is unusual for former intelligence officers to petition congress on a matter like this. the unmasking of ms. plame is viewed within spy circles as an unforgivable breach of secrecy that must be exhaustively investigated and prosecuted, current and former intelligence officials say.
we may not be officers, or even that intelligent, but we heartily agree.
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good thing we caught saddam after the kurds let him go part eight

it has not been a good week for u.s. troops in iraq (or for iraqi's either, for that matter).

another helicopter went down, killing two u.s. soldiers in northern iraq, says the upi.

a roadside bomb exploded near fallujah today, killing two u.s. soldiers, says the asspress.

a car bomb exploded outside of a u.s. military base in khaldiya, west of baghdad, killing five u.s. troops, says reuters, which also points out an earlier attack that left several iraqi's dead:

earlier on saturday a bomb exploded in samarra, killing four iraqis and wounding 40 people, including seven u.s. soldiers who were slightly hurt.
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baa baa black sheep

bj over at the stoutdemblog muses about the media trying to "mix it up" between clark and dean.
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you got president!

reader and contributor tekflower sends us this link to the aol/time president match.
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here's an impeachy idea

bob fertik of democrats.com sent us an email alerting us to their attempt to organize nation-wide meetups to impeach awol, this monday next at 7 pm.

the meet-ups are the fourth monday of every month, and you can register to find the closest one to you (or to organize one yourself)!

they provide a handy petition (available via impeach central) for everyone to sign, calling for the impeachment of awol and vp dick!
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Friday, January 23, 2004

finally, wolf was speechless

we were watching "isn't my beard cute" with wolf blitzer today on cnn [ed. note: great poll to freep on that page, go vote now!], and the various guests included jamie rubin, former state department spokesman for the clinton administration, now endorsing general wesley clark.

herr blitzer was trying to stir things up without actually talking about substantive issues, as is his wont, when he asked about michael moore's endorsement of clark.

wolf mentioned that moore insists that awol is in fact a deserter, but gen. clark has not made a statement one way or the other about it.

he asked jamie about this fact. jamie replied that the general does not consider that an issue to be concerned with, and has not looked into the accusations.

wolf asked jamie directly: "do you believe it?"

jamie fired back: "i haven't looked into it either. have you?"

imagine! asking a journalist if he has researched the facts about a point he's making!!

wolf, taken aback for a second, could only mumble "i'm asking the questions here." meaning of course, no, he hasn't done any investigative work into the very issue he's bandying about to try to trip up candidates.

then he muttered a quick "we'll be right back after this."

it was a thing of beauty.

cross-posted on the american street and our kos daily diary (with a great poll, go take it!)

addendum: david neiwert of orcinus delves further into both clark and moore on awol, including moore's response to peter jennings' similar question during the nh debate, and martin heldt's invaluable website.

double addendum: thanks for the hits, atrios!

triple addendum: thanks to cursor.org, we find intervention magazine pointing out that

lt. george w. bush's october 1, 1973 discharge papers from the texas air national guard reveal that, although under the guard rules he had originally signed up for six years of service obligation, this fighter jet pilot had only "completed 5 years, 4 months, and 5 days toward this obligation.…" signed by his commanding officer major rufus martin, bush's discharge papers also note that at the time of his discharge he was "not available for [his ] signature."
also, thanks for the hits to you, too, cursor!

quadruple addendum: and the hits just keep on coming! big thanks to you, too, tom tomorrow!

quintupple addendum: thanks to you kids at american politics journal for the hits, as well!
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remixed nuts

thanks to atrios, here's an entire page of "dean scream remixes" (our favorite, of course, is dr. dean singing "the immigrant song" with led zepplin).

speaking of crazy people, dean appeared on the letterman show last night with the "top ten ways i, howard dean, can turn things around." some of our favorites:

10. "switch to decaf"
8. "marry rachel on final episode of 'friends'"
4. "start working out and speaking with austrian accent"
2. "fire the staffer who suggested we do this lousy top ten list instead of actually campaigning"
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just plame wrong

the grand jury in the valery plame affair has begun to hear testimony, according to time.

prosecutors are believed to be starting with third-party witnesses, people who were not directly involved in the leak of plame's identity. plame's husband, former ambassador joseph wilson, claims that the leak was an act of retaliation against him for undercutting bush's weapons-of-mass-destruction rationale for going to war in iraq. soon enough, witnesses with more direct knowledge will be called to testify, and a decision to subpoena journalists for their testimony will also be made. in december, the fbi asked some administration staffers to sign a waiver releasing reporters from confidentiality agreements in connection with any conversations they had about the wilson affair. novak's attorney, jim hamilton, had no comment about the latest developments.

grand juries aren't always used in criminal probes, but they are the preferred way to go in cases with potential political fallout, if only to lend credibility to the result...

a huge unanswered question in this case is whether the leaker or leakers knew that plame was undercover when they gave her identity away. that is a necessary element for any indictment for leaking the name of a covert agent. however, charges could also be brought for making false statements to the fbi, if a guilty party has falsely claimed innocence in interviews with government agents.

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all kangaroos mourn

not only kangaroos, but anybody who was a child in the 50's and 60's are saddened today, as bob keeshan, the man known to millions as captain kangaroo, passed away at age 75. the latimes says

keeshan's "captain kangaroo" premiered on cbs in 1955 and ran for 30 years before moving to public television for six more. it was wildly popular among children and won six emmy awards, three gabriels and three peabody awards.

the format was simple: each day, captain kangaroo, with his sugar-bowl haircut and uniform coat, would wander through his treasure house, chatting with his good friend mr. green jeans, played by hugh "lumpy" brannum.
also, to make aging baby boomers feel really nostaligic, mr. keeshan was the original clarabelle the clown on the howdy doody show.

being the captain of all kangaroos, mr. keeshan's passing especially saddens skippy, and indeed, marsuipals everywhere (possums included).

in a prepared statement from the two longtime co-workers of the captain, mr. moose expressed remorse, and bunny rabbit asked that in lieu of flowers, people send carrots.

also gone to the great stage in the sky: tap dancer extraordinaire ann miller, who died at 81. the washpost reports

metro-goldwyn-mayer made the greatest movie musicals of the period, and that is where, starting in the late 1940s, ms. miller had her most memorable roles. in flashy specialty numbers with choreography by stanley donen, busby berkeley and hermes pan, ms. miller paired with fred astaire, gene kelly and other dance legends.

when cyd charisse tore a tendon, ms. miller replaced her in "easter parade" (1948). she played a broadway hoofer who leaves astaire when she has a shot at stardom and then tries to win him back. she danced a memorable solo version of "shakin' the blues away," one of the many irving berlin songs in the film.

that was followed by "on the town" (1949), in which she portrayed an anthropology student who does a startling native dance in a museum.

in two other well-regarded musicals, she did knockout novelty numbers: in "kiss me kate" (1953), she sings "too darn hot" as she taps around a living room; in "small town girl" (1953), she dances the tap sequence "i gotta hear that beat" while whirling around musical instruments peaking out from the surface of the stage.
rest in peace, ann and the captain.
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fanmail from some flouder?

our lovely reader and frequent contributor rose sends us links to the mister pants blog, who touts al franken.

and a friend of ours from long ago lets us know we can all get our name on a cd being shot into space on a nasa probe that will hit an oncoming comet and burn up in space. and, it's free!
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Thursday, January 22, 2004

real life wins again

we're sorry, but real life concerns (and a very slow blogger website) today made it difficult for the staff at skippy international to do much research into the news. thusly we take a page from our favorite prolific blogger, and give you snatches of what everyone else is doing.

read on, macduff!
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would roosevelt have had fireside blogs?

finally! the world gets to hear atrios and talkleft on the actual radio! (the bad news is, andrew sullivan will also be there).

talkleft has the details about this sunday's npr program with christopher lydon discussing exclusively blogging and its effect on the radio...or something.

we'll be listening!
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but she can still drink them under the table

t-bogg reports that barbara bush is not invited to join the skull and bones secret society, thus breaking a long tradition of rich white condescending elitists named bush in that hallowed club.
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but at least there ain't no beer in jail!

the democratic veteran rues the irony that jankalow gets only 100 days for killing a man, but martha stewart faces at least a year in jail and hefty fines.
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and he can't even spell it

over at ampoljo, jeff koopersmith talks about the audacity of awol:

take note that the fingerprints of karen hughes -- originally banished to texas for good reason but now back like a bad penny -- were all over this speech, fingerprints that give the lie to the rumors that she is bright. hughes made an unusual appearance last night on the pbs news hour and, despite her high-cheekboned, a-little-too-healthy good looks, sounded more like a sixth grade teacher than the mood-maker she is touted to be.

yet it was clear that she had the last word, trumping even karl rove, the president's trusted propaganda minister.

as a direct result, the speech stunk like a texas cow pie.

hughes must have come up with the expression ""weapons-of-mass-destruction-related program activities."

what the hell is that supposed to mean? the inanity of a statement alone is the ultimate in wood-worminess, the acme of abuse, maltreatment of the american people's trust and patience -- not to mention wholesale rape of the english language.

and these people who run our nation truly believe they can get away with this?

it boggles the mind -- the entire body, for that matter.
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got debate?

if you missed the one in new hampshire, calpundit has a blow by blow description.

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the rich, they are different than you and me...they suck!

over at suckful, guest poster vic shystee offers some new reality shows for next season...all about being rich!
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mad about the media

spade hammer is hoppin' mad about the "dean is angry" meme the corporate repubbblican media is shoving down america's throats. (does this mean we can't elect spade hammer president?)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

sotu? ptui!

one only need to look to cursor.org to find the best analyses of last night's state of the awol address:

the palm beach post points out that 9/11 is low on the white house priority list.

the washpost points out that nothing awol said about the wmd's in iraq turned out to be true.

david corn in the nation says that, contrary to the sotu, the link between al qaeda and iraq is harder to prove now more than ever.

the baltimore daily sun awol should "level" with the american people about iraq.

slate noticed that awol actually stopped "pretending that he cares about the environment."

our blog buddy south knox bubba found the whole thing "just...weird."

and tom shales doesn't like a "cocky" president, and thought the sotu itself was "long on long, short on lofty."

once again, cursor finds the best of the dead trees and blogtopia (y!wctp!) media. visit them often.
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do we need two-for-one coupons to get rid of cheney, too?

found on a kos diary: a new website dedicated to getting rid of awol by simply shopping (mrs. skippy would love that!)

shoptodropbush purports to send commissions to moveon.org from every purchase made through their website. (their example: subscribe to utne reader and 35% of the subscription price will go to moveon! you can't beat that!)

neither the kos diary nor we make any representations as to the validity or effectiveness of shoptodropbush. but hey, we can dream, can't we?
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back to norml

kris krane of norml sends us an email touting an action alert for cbs's plans to air ant-marijuana ads during the superbowl.

[ed. note: must find out what ever would cause the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws to think skippy might be interested. perhaps it this blog's penchant for progressive causes...and munchies...and...what else? uh.......]

those of you who followed moveon's attempt to get an anti-awol ad on the superbowl are familar with cbs's policy to, quote, not air issue-oriented ads, unquote.

thusly, norml wants to know why cbs doesn't consider anti-marijuana spots to be "issue-oriented." as the action alert page says,

if cbs is to be consistent, then they must also adhere to this policy when it comes to the [office of national drug control policy’s] ads. marijuana decriminalization currently enjoys 72% support among the american public, according to the latest cnn/time polling data. clearly this is a "controversial issue of public importance" that divides american public opinion, and any public service announcement on the subject that promotes only one side of this issue must be considered an issue ad.

clearly cbs only applies this standard to issue ads that they disagree with. for example, the network accepted a super bowl ad that discourages tobacco smoking and one from the american legacy foundation encouraging "lifestyle choices" for teenagers, in addition to the ondcp anti-marijuana ads.
norml has a pre-written letter that they will send in your name to the the bastards at cbs decrying this hypocrisy, only they phrase it more politely. as usual, we suggest you modify the letter slightly in your words, especially the beginning paragraph, so it doesn't come across like mass mailings from a crackpot.

skippy, of course, having been in advertising himself, can tell you the real reason for cbs's stand: the suits don't want to piss off the competing product, beer. but don't let that stop you from writing a letter letting them know how you feel.

this bud's for you!

addendum: the horse has some cbs addresses to use to write them letters:

cbs television network
51 w. 52nd st.
new york, ny 10019
(212) 975-4321
or you can email them

and the horse suggests you write cbs news and ask them why they haven't reported on this obvious conflict of interest:

cbs news
555 w. 57th st.
new york, ny 10019
(212) 975-4114
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freep the beard!

well, not specifically wolf "i vas only following orders" blizter. but there's a poll at the bottom right of the cnn front page, go vote now!

(link courtesy of atrios!)
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say hello

to rungu.
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the dean of irony

spadehammer takes on the "dean is too angry to be president" meme.
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what's a ten letter word for "complete idiot"? there's a "w" in the middle of it..."

our blog buddy mad kane is proud to present her first interactive cross word puzzle based on last night's sotu. now, all true progressives out to be able to do it in pen!
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you may want a second opinion, doctor

liberal oasis provides an interesting analysis of what happened in iowa to people-powered howard. among other points:

and while it’s very difficult to determine exactly what iowa turned on, since so much was happening all at once, it seems that dean allowed a thin skin to show at exactly the wrong time.

in fact, that’s what dean’s team seems to think, according to today’s usa today:

…dean was thrown off balance by a barrage of criticism in debates and tv ads from other campaigns.

aides say the low point came nine days ago, when dean lost his temper with an elderly man who praised bush at length at a town-hall meeting.

"you sit down," dean barked, a moment that was aired on local tv. "you had your say, and now i'm going to have my say."

lo would add that soon after that, dean said, “i'm going after everybody because i'm tired of being the pin cushion here.”
liberal oasis makes a good point, in that now the other candidates will begin to feel the heat of relentless attacks from within and without. who will hold up? who will wither? and who will tell joe lieberman that dennis kucinish has a better chance of getting the nomination than he does?
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more of the same

the dem candidates, after a rousing fight in iowa, were not impressed with awol's sotu speech, says cnn:

"last month the goal of this administration was to create 250,000 jobs. they created 1,000 jobs -- 249,000 short," kerry said. "a lot of people have even left the market and aren't measured anymore as the unemployed because they're not trying to find jobs. i don't think the president laid the agenda that gets america moving again tonight."

"hardworking americans will see through this president's effort to wrap his radical agenda with a compassionate ribbon," former vermont gov. howard dean, the third-place finisher in the iowa caucuses, told the associated press.

it's all smoke and mirrors designed to hide the stark fact that he has no real plan for our future," retired gen. wesley clark, also in the democratic presidential race, told ap.
we'd have to agree.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

koch me if you con

jon's mind wants to know if ed koch has lost his. koch is endorsing awol in '04.
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at your service

thanks to nathan newman, the good folks at the service employees international union emailed us to let us know they've got a new blog, called fight for the future.
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high on the hog

our arch enemy ayn clouter weighs in on "what happened in hog wallow" last night.
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help the animals for free

a friend of ours in florida sends us this missive, concerning the animal rescue site:

please tell ten friends to tell ten today! the animal rescue site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. it takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "feed an animal in need" for free. this doesn't cost you a thing. their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. here's the web site! pass it along to people you know.

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get on your harley

we are fans of harley sorenson, columnist in the sfchron. we are especially taken with this week's column fear trumps freedom in a perpetual war.

so we have agreed to airport searches, and, soon, to government-issued travel documents. we have agreed to let our federal law-enforcement agents scour the world for would-be terrorists and bring them to the guantánamo u.s. naval base, our foothold on cuba, for indefinite "investigation."

we have agreed to secret trials and even to no trials for people mr. bush decides are "enemy combatants."

we are now, like nazi germany before us, like the old soviet union, like iran in the days of our good buddy, the shah, content to have people "disappear," as long as they have arabic-sounding names.

torture has become an acceptable tool of interrogation for us. when we use it ourselves, it's usually "mere" mental torture, primarily sleep deprivation. if we feel more intensely physical methods are called for, we farm out our interrogations to governments less squeamish than ours.

so, while we're protecting american lives, we are destroying american values.
(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to our buds at resident bush!)
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change of address

apparently we are the only ones in blogtopia (y!wctp!) who didn't realize that maxspeak has moved to a new url! make a note of it, if you havne't already!
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doin' the vatican rag

kudos to the biomes blog for finding mike stanfill's flash animation of "the elements" by tom lehrer.

mike is kind enough to link us to all of mr. lehrer's recordings (all six of them) available at amazon.com.

for those of you who think adam sandler is funny, we can inform you that tom lehrer was a mathematics professor at, among other two-bit schools, wellsley, mit and harvard, back in the 50's.

for some unknown but wonderful reason, prof. lehrer decided to try his hand at writing and performing socially satirical songs. for a brief period in the late 50's and early 60's, he turned out some wonderfully wacky and terribly astute original pieces about the politics and social mores of the day.

for you kids out there, you may be familar with tom's later work on the electric company: "who can turn a can into a cane? who can turn a pan, into a pane? it's elementary, it's silent e!"

he was a staple on the political satire show that was the week that was, sort of a weekly "the daily show," only with less smarminess.

for reasons as known as those concerning why he began a career as a comic singer, he ended it, leaving us with only a few recordings of hilarity.

perhaps the songs don't stand up as well today. however, with the idea of nuclear terrorism and religious pomposity shoved in our faces so much, we'd wager his hit "we'll all go together when we go" still would resonate with today's audiences. and let's not forget the dahmer-prescient "i hold your hand in mine," which echoes hannibal lechter many years before thomas cook even thought of him.

but for our money, lehrer's masterpiece was "the vatican rag," a comic take on the catholic church's attempt to modernize its canon, and thus encourage more people to attend services:

first you get down on your knees,
fiddle with your rosaries,
bow your head with great respect,
and genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!

do whatever steps you want if
you have cleared them with the pontiff.
everybody say his own
kyrie eleison,
doin' the vatican rag….

make a cross on your abdomen,
when in rome do like a roman;
ave maria,
gee, it's good to see ya.
gettin' ecstatic an' sorta dramatic an'
doin' the vatican rag!

for those interested in ancient history, mr. lehrer's stuff is still available on amazon. and mike stanfill's page tells us all proceeds from the sales of mr. lehrer's cd's and books will go to progressive site, such as moveon, doctors without borders and the aclu.

who knew he was even still alive?
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freep aol

aol users, take this poll asking why dean finished third (and also why edwards did so well).
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remember when straight meant a line?

steve young at ampoljo tells us that heterosexual marriage may be to blame for gay marriage. and while you're at ampoljo, check out jeff koopersmith's musings, on why dean lost (labor, the ill-fitting clothes, the wood-chuck smile...for starters).
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Monday, January 19, 2004

say hello

to blogadise.
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say good bye

to dick gehphardt.
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follow the leaderboard

if you've just tuned into our blog during the iowa caucuses, you may want to take a gander at the leaderboard.
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rico suave

you may remember a couple of months ago that ellen mariani, the widow of one of the 9/11 victims, filed a lawsuit against awol.

our buds at resident bush have directed us to the website outlining the suit, which is holding awol accountable under, of all things, the rico act (no, it's not the stage show by has-been gerardo). the rico act (racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations) is usually used against organized crime; we know, we know, how could anything awol's connected with be considered organized? but remember, karl rove is involved, too.

from the press release accompanying the filing of this suit:

mrs. mariani was the first victim family member to bring civil action regarding the events of 911 against united airlines. since then, the “truth” of 911 has not been forthcoming and mrs. mariani, for the good of her country, now seeks the truth via this courageous action under the rico act.

berg said: “the events surrounding "911" to date have yet to be uncovered.

while america was under attack, for approximately the next seven (7) to eighteen (18) minutes defendant gwb continues to listen to the goat story while plaintiff's husband was just murdered and does not immediately assume his duties as commander-in-chief of the united states armed forces.

plaintiff, with her amended complaint intends to expose the truth to remember the dead and to prevent continued deaths of american military personnel due to president bush's "failure to act and prevent" the worst attacks on our nation since pearl harbor.

plaintiff hereby asserts defendants, officially and individually are exclusively liable to answer the counts in this complaint under the united states constitution and provisions of the 18 u.s.c. § 1964(a) and (c), racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act (hereinafter "rico act") for "failing to act and prevent" the murder of plaintiff's husband, louis neil mariani, for financial and political reasons and have "obstructed justice" in the aftermath of said criminal acts and omissions.
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wwad? (what would awol do?)

our friends at resident bush sends some links to websites by devout christians who oppose awol. check out christians for dean ("because jesus isn't a republican") and bush revealed.

from bush revealed:

this website serves as notice to christians across this nation that president george bush over the past few years has compromised his "christian faith" by promoting evil and openly supporting wickedness. it is our hope and prayer that he would repent and turn from such blatant sin. he is not our friend and cannot be trusted.

this website is dedicated to providing up-to-date factual news information tracking the president's anti-christian and ungodly behavior. we encourage you to pray for mr. bush."

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skippy the goth kangaroo

our buddy matthew reminds us of this great little animation from australia: skippy the goth kangaroo.
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doesn't hummer mean something else?

jon's mind has an article about awol sending hummers to mars. (we think it's a parody, but these days, who knows?)
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woi-tv scrubs report on repubbb brownshirts

we know we are not going crazy. we ourselves read the story on woi-tv's website yesterday, about young repubbblicans invading a student rally for dean in iowa. we read that one of the repubbbs physically pushed one of our icons of rock n' roll, joan jett. we know this to be so, and we blogged about it yesterday (below, titled we'd say something about brownshirts, but we don't want to be accused of calling anyone a nazi).

however, when you click the link to woi-tv, you now get a page that says "our apologies. you have reached a page that is currently unavailable. we apologize for any inconvenience. please use your browser's back button to return to the previous page."

and, as our buddy from across the aisle chuck simmons points out, when you google joan jett in iowa, you don't get anything about the fracas.

luckily for us, an alert reader at buzzflash reproduced the entire story here (actually, we only left out a couple of paragraphs ourselves, in deference to the fair use law). we like buzzflash's comment to the repubbbs: if you don't want to be called nazi's, stop acting like storm troopers.

why did woi-tv scrub its story? we have alerted the fine blog memory hole, hoping they can record this for posterity. in the mean time, why not email woi-tv news director scott frederick, and ask him? or better yet, call him at (515) 457-9645, ext. 139 or fax him at (515) 457-1034, and ask him directly?

addendum: we received a nice note from mr. frederick, giving us a link to the new page with the story. however, when we google the opening line of the story, we get the old link to the "our apologies" page.

and, mr. frederick did not bother to explain why the story was moved, without a link directing people to the right page.

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mo money mo money money

dr. robert higgs writes in the independent institute that the defense budget is bigger than you think. (gee, ya think?)
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Sunday, January 18, 2004

remember, vote early and often

no, we don't mean the iowa caucuses tomorrow. we mean voting (for us) as the most humorous blog in the 2003 koufax awards, currently being held at wampum.

need proof we are the most humorous blog? a guy walks into a room, catches his son playing with himself. the guy says, "son, don't do that, you'll go blind!" the kid says "dad, i'm over here!"

thank you, good night, and try the veal!
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say hello

to criticorner.
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we'd say something about brownshirts, but we don't want to be accused of calling anyone a nazi

we first saw this story on one of the kos's daily diaries last night, and again on atrios today. apparently some young repubbbs took it upon theirselves to disrupt a student dean rally in iowa, resulting in a shoving match (and one of the people shoved by the repubbs was joan "i love rock 'n roll" jett).

woi-tv reports

a democratic rally at drake's olmstead center, urged young iowans to get out and vote. it was targeted toward high school and college students.
a group known for not voting. the rally featured comedian janene garafalo and classic rock star joan jett, but it got a surprise visit from some unwanted guests.

a group of college republicans at their midwest caucus leadership conference heard about the rally and stormed in?

what they didn't discuss is what to do if things get out of hand. one of the bush supporters shoved jett and she pushed back in anger. ole said that was the decision of one person, and not at all representative of what the conference was trying to do.
this daily kos diary says the student dems defeated the repubbbs by singing the national anthem, shaming the thugs into silence.
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