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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

what's the difference between a mistress and a promise? schwarzenegger can only keep one of them

the sfchron reports that governor gropinator is renegging on his campaign promise to leave the schools alone in the current budget battle.

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said for the first time tuesday that he would consider suspending the state's guaranteed level of public school funding, seemingly reversing a campaign promise to protect schools from severe budget cuts without raising taxes.

throughout the recall campaign and his young administration, schwarzenegger has said repeatedly that he did not want to cut education. but confronted with the seriousness of california's budget crisis, schwarzenegger declined to repeat that pledge tuesday when asked about education funding. he suggested that the guarantees under the state's proposition 98 should be examined.

but that's not all. the latimes also says he won't replenish local governments with the money lost from car tax revenues he repealed, quite the opposite of what he pledged as a recall candidate.

in a wide-ranging interview with cnn, schwarzenegger offered no commitment that his administration would restore to local governments the money they lost when he repealed a vehicle registration fee increase on his first day in office. rather, he said that mayors and county supervisors who are worried that some $4 billion in lost revenue won't be replaced should look to the legislature, which is considering a bill to make that happen.

and he suggested that if local government coffers are not replenished, it is not his fault.

and, to add civil insult to political injury, first lady maria shriver indicated during a "welcome to sacramento" luncheon that, well, they ain't coming to sacramento. the san jose mercury news says,

in this political town, supermarket checkers and high-paid lobbyists alike have gossiped about whether shriver and husband, gov. arnold schwarzenegger, will relocate from los angeles. a chatty shriver (``call me maria'') told a ``welcome to sacramento'' luncheon that she faces a dilemma like other working women whose husbands get a job in a new city.

the nbc correspondent doesn't see herself ``moving here in january, taking my kids out of school. . . . what i do plan on doing is coming here hopefully like once or twice a week. . . . and one day, if i find somewhere to live, i hope maybe i can live here.''

but of course, we save the best for the last. gloria allred, who filed suit against the gropinator for libel on behalf of a woman who accuses him of groping her, intends to have him testify in court. our favorite newspaper named after an insect, the sacbee, reports:

attorney gloria allred said she will seek to bring the governor into court in connection with the suit she filed monday on behalf of client rhonda miller, who claims schwarzenegger groped her on two movie sets.

she added that her questioning would not be limited to the claims by miller but would include inquiries about claims made by more than a dozen other women who say they have been groped or accosted by schwarzenegger over the past two decades…

the governor's behavior toward women is relevant in explaining his motivation to deliberately tarnish miller's reputation, allred told the bee. miller was one of 16 women who claimed before california's oct. 7 gubernatorial recall election that they had been fondled or otherwise touched inappropriately by schwarzenegger.

too bad ah-nold can't go back in time and stick gloria's head in a toilet bowl. he does that sort of thing so well.
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