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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

weapons of mass delusion

thanks to the smirking chimp (a daily must) we find this report from the christian science monitor...the terror threat at home, often overlooked.

last month, an east texas man pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon of mass destruction. inside the home and storage facilities of william krar, investigators found a sodium-cyanide bomb capable of killing thousands, more than a hundred explosives, half a million rounds of ammunition, dozens of illegal weapons, and a mound of white-supremacist and antigovernment literature…

but outside tyler, texas, the case is almost unknown. in the past nine months, there have been two government press releases and a handful of local stories, but no press conference and no coverage in the national newspapers.

experts say the case highlights the increased cooperation and quicker response by us agencies since sept. 11. but others say it points up just how political the terror war is. "there is no value for the bush administration to highlighting domestic terrorism right now," says robert jensen, a journalism professor at the university of texas in austin. "but there are significant political benefits to highlighting foreign terrorists, especially when trying to whip up support for war."
funny, we've heard all kinds of stuff about how armed air marshals are needed on foreign flights into the us these last few days, but nary a word about this. daniel levitas, author of "the terrorist next door: the militia movement and the radical right," said of the find in tyler:

"the government has a severe case of tunnel vision when it comes to domestic terrorism. i have no doubt whatsoever that had krar and his compatriots been arab-americans or linked to some violent islamic fundamentalist group, we would have heard from john ashcroft himself."
especially if they had almanacs.

addendum: both here and on our daily kos diary where we cross-posted this item, readers mentioned the hard working david neiwert, who writes the fantastic orcinus. david has been keeping track of this story for sometime, and we highly encourage folks to peruse his blog. (he also got mentioned in the usatoady article on blogs. keep up the good work david!)
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