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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, December 07, 2003

happy holidays, get ready to duck

attacks on coalition forces by iraqi insurgents are likely to increase, according to the commanding general in country. as if to prove his point, a roadside device later exploded in mosul, killing an american soldier. wired news says:

the top u.s. general in iraq warned sunday of an upsurge in attacks in the months before washington hands over sovereignty in june, as insurgents killed an american soldier in a roadside bomb attack in the north…

"we expect to see an increase in violence as we move forward toward sovereignty at the end of june. we're going to have some periods where there will be an increase in violence in the coming months," sanchez told a news conference.

in the latest fatal attack on u.s. forces, guerrillas blew apart a humvee with a roadside bomb in the northern iraq city of mosul, killing one american soldier and wounding two.

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