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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

christmas in iraq

not a merry one. electronic iraq talks about "explosions abound" in baghdad.

also, insurgents (or else grinches) fired rpg at the baghdad sheraton, hitting the top floor. the indiana gazette says

a guerrilla-fired mortar shell detonated on an upper floor of baghdad's ishtar sheraton hotel on wednesday, with a boom that rattled windows for blocks, the u.s. military said.

no one was reported hurt in the strike, which followed a string of separate bombings that killed six civilians, three american soldiers and a suicide bomber.

three soldiers were killed by an exploding roadside device outside of samarra, says centcom.

a member of the iraqi security force was killed in action in mosul, and a car bomb exploded in abril in northern iraq, killing four iraqi's.

good thing we captured saddam, right after the kurds did!

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