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Saturday, October 25, 2003

who cares about facts, we've got memes!

we wrote about specialist shoshana johnson getting only 30% disability from the army, while jessica lynch is getting 80%, after they had both been ambushed and captured by the iraqi's (they were in the same squad).

in our comments section, some readers, more than one (ok, ok, two), said that it didn't seem unfair to them, because johnson got shot in both legs, but lynch was paralyzed.

wow. that was the first we had heard of that. so we did a quick google news search, and you know what? that's also the last we heard of that.

of course, there's plenty of google hits in the non-news section of blogtopia. (yes! we coined that phrase!) but most of those come from blogs on the right side of the aisle. what a surprise!

to be precise, the associated press reports about lynch's progress:

[army spokesman maj. steve] stover disputed reports that lynch had been discharged this summer. he said lynch is on the temporary disability retired list -- which has a five-year limit -- and has not technically been discharged. she will be re-evaluated periodically and if recovered sufficiently, she could go back on active duty or request a discharge.

so even if -- if -- lynch is "paralyzed," apparently the army expects her to recover enough to go back into active duty.

but why let facts get in the way of a perfectly good argument?
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