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Saturday, October 11, 2003

stupid governor tricks

continuing along with our post earlier this week about letterman poking fun at leno's appearance at ah-nold's press conference, reader chris lark reminds us of this story from yahoo news: "gov. davis does 'top ten' on letterman."

the second governor in u.s. history to be recalled from office, [gov. gray] davis has never been known for his sense of humor.* nevertheless, the democrat jumped at the chance thursday to tape the popular "top ten" countdown for letterman, offering these bits of advice to his republican successor, actor arnold schwarzenegger...

davis then proceeded to give the top ten list, with varying degrees of success. the audience's favorite? number 4: you could solve the deficit problem by donating your salary from 'terminator 3.

our favorite? number 7: (sorry, joke no. 7 was recalled).

our least favorite, in terms of facts? number 1: it's pronounced "california." and here, davis gave the word the basic mid-west caucasian pronunciation, with a short 'i' in the middle, as in "bit" or "tit." we actually prefer ah-nold's version, with the 'i' sounding like long 'e,' as in "beat" or "teat." we think that it's closer to the spanish pronunciation, and california, after all, is a spanish word.

try it: it's like "cauliflower." "cal-ee-for (roll that 'r'!) nia! ole!"

*[ed. note: davis' appearance actually did nothing to dissuade the notion that he has never been known for his sense of humor.]
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