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Monday, October 27, 2003

missed by that much

that's gotta be what the iraqi bombers are thinking as paul wolfowitz walked away from saturday's rocket propelled grenade attack of the al-rashid hotel in baghdad (which left one soldier killed and at least 15 iraqi's injured).

but it only got worse yesterday. reader and friend rose sent us the nbc30 article telling of yesterday's spree of bomb attacks which killed 40 in baghdad.

car bombers struck the international red cross headquarters and three police stations across baghdad on monday, killing about 40 people on the first day of the muslim holy month of ramadan, according to police and red cross reports.

about a dozen people were killed at the red cross, and 27 were killed in bombing attacks at police stations. more than 200 were injured in the attacks, which took place in the span of about an hour.

we suppose awol will complain the news is only showing bad stuff about iraq. yeah, like, all the killing?

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