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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, October 12, 2003

i gotta leak in the white house! go ahead, everyone else does!

readers of this space know we are, to put it mildly, distrustful of awol and his cronies' veracity on anything at all (for instance, is barney really a scottish terrier? we wonder...)

but we are glad to see other publications catching on as well. for instance, william o'rourke, writing in the chicago sun-times, reports that bush's once mighty empire springs a leak:

wilson outed in the n.y. times the bush administration's bogus claim about the niger yellowcake that bush used in his state of the union address, and the bush white house outed wilson's wife for that display of alpha-male behavior. tit for tat.

that it took nearly three months for the leak to become a big story is a story in itself. in july, when wilson's commentary ran, followed by robert novak's column containing the information about wilson's wife and her alleged help in getting her husband employment, bush still seemed ready to cakewalk into a second term.

but the facade of great competence at 1600 pennsylvania avenue was already beginning to crack. where was saddam hussein? where was osama bin laden? where were the weapons of mass destruction? where were the jobs lost in america?

the novak-wilson-cia story grew out of one of those cracks.

we agree with mr. o'rourke's conclusion:

the story has risen from a personal insult to a political insult.

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