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Saturday, October 18, 2003

blogging around

there's so much good stuff at kos, although we are beginning to wonder if it shouldn't be labled a group blog, there are so many (fine) guest bloggers. kos himself (along with the help of a reader) has culled individual state polls concerning awol's favorability ratings (and they ain't good!). kos also points out the dnc needs some money to put up a national commercial blasting awol's administration on the plame affair, so don't just sit there, go contribute!

dr. carol at the sideshow discusses thom hartman's observation that national liberal leaders can't even adequately defend being a liberal.

stageleft recounts another instance of our veterans getting the shaft (this time for medical benefits).

dohiyi mir quotes sen. byrd on the doctrine of pre-emtive strikes.

the angry bear has a great list of reasons why libertarians, disillusioned after trying repubbblican, should cross over to the dems (reason number 1: we'll let you sleep with whoever you want to).

thanks to tbogg, we found uggabugga's pie chart deconstructing anthrax coultergeist.

calpundit hates initiatives! so, kevin, start a petition!
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