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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, September 15, 2003

we don't recall

frustrating ah-nold even more than when the make up girl refused to put out on the set of true lies, the ninth circuit court of appeals has ruled today california recall cannot go forward on oct. 7.

the court decided that the punch card ballots used in 6 counties (including los angeles, a pretty darn big county) would be likely to disenfranchise approximately 44% of the state's voters (because, in theory, punch card voting is more likely to be discounted than other kinds of voting). so the recall election cannot go through until those 6 counties replace their voting machines.

watch for angry repubbbs to take this to awol's daddy's friends...er, sorry, we mean the supreme court. and, for a better, more indepth look at how this ruling works and what it means, go to the blogs written by real lawyers, how appealing and talkleft.
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