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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

some good media news for a change

moveon.org gives us the great news that the senate voted this morning to roll back all the draconian fcc rule changes, thanks in no small part to all of us writing to the various congressjerks, demanding that michael "he doesn't like it hey mikey" powell not destroy the "cross-ownership" rules that have been in place.

the washpost reports thusly:

the senate voted 55 to 40 today to wipe out all of the federal communication commission's controversial new media rules, employing a little used legislative tool for overturning agency regulations.

the resolution of disapproval, sponsored by sen. byron l. dorgan (d-n.d.), is now put on the house calendar, where a tougher vote is expected. even if passed by the house, the white house has promised a veto.

dorgan's resolution is the most sweeping of several challenges to the fcc's rules, which make it easier for media corporations to buy more newspapers and television stations but tighten radio ownership rules.

the fight's not over yet, but a significant battle has been won.
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