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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, September 14, 2003

a quick meme the dems can use (free of charge)

we watched a bit of faux news today (because cnn was doing their people magazine special) and we watched bob beckel debate with some rightist repubbblican consultant, about the big dog's appearance in california to stump for gray davis.

the commentator (or "common baiter," because she was only there apparently to bait mr. beckel) opened with a question to bob: something along the lines of how bill clinton, who "lied to the american people" and "dragged the nation through the impeachment process" can now be such hot property in the democratic party.

to give bob credit, he did call the faux anchor on part of her disingenuous intro. "it was the republicans in the house who dragged the nation through the impeachment process." nice job, bob!

however, bob let the "lied to american people" just, well, lie there. come on, bob, this one is sooooo easy!

any democratic pundit on tv that ever gets confronted with this repubbblican meme again, only has to say this:

"lied to the american people? sean, i've got four words for you: 'weapons of mass destruction'. at least clinton's lies didn't kill more than 300 americans and untold thousands of iraqi's. so bite me you sanctimonious piece of excretion."

ok, leave off that last sentence, but you get the idea.
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