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Saturday, September 13, 2003

hey hey ho ho let us into the wto

hundreds, if not thousands of demonstrators are clogging the streets of cancun as they square off against mexican riot police defending the world trade orgination's annual meeting. the nytimes reports:

chanting "down down w.t.o.," some 2,000 protesters tore down fortified barricades today that had been erected by the police to keep demonstrators away from the talks. some protesters, their faces covered with bandanas and pads strapped to their forearms, rolled a battering ram cobbled from garbage cans and a tree trunk, vowing to "tear down the barriers of imperialism."..

police officers made minimal effort to stop the protest. and after accomplishing their goal, w.t.o. opponents from at least 20 countries, many of them students, sat in the street and applauded their solidarity. there were no clashes between the protesters and the police.

canada.com is saying the protesters flung feces at the police...that's subtle!

hundreds of protesters staged an hours-long standoff with mexican police saturday, cutting through metal barricades, throwing feces and threatening to storm a world trade organization meeting.

the demonstrations this time around began on a rather ugly note, as one man killed himself in protest of the wto's policies earlier this week.

as always, the best place to find up to the minute report on gigantic protests across the world is indymedia.
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