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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

the great ones die in three's

first johnny cash, then john ritter.

now, rest in peace sheb wooley.

sheb wooley, for those of you too young to remember when songs on the radio actually had lyrics, was the man who wrote perhaps the king of all novelty hits, the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater.

sheb was not only a singer and songwriter, but an actor who was featured in high noon, and several tv westerns.

the tennessean says,

purple people eater was a six-week no. 1 hit in 1958, and its humorous tale of a monster who wanted to play rock 'n' roll is the work for which mr. wooley is best known. but mr. wooley was also an accomplished actor who starred on the tv western rawhide, acted in feature films (including the classics high noon and hoosiers) and served as a father figure to country star roger miller.

''he was a real hero to roger,'' said country music hall of famer bill anderson. ''i got the feeling that it was sheb the man that roger looked up to, even more than sheb the artist or the entertainer.''

in a strange twist of fate, sheb was friends with both johnny cash and john ritter (whose father tex sang "do not forsake me oh my darling," the theme to high noon).

apparently god needed a novelty song.
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