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Saturday, September 13, 2003

do you recall, or remember at all, that wonderful, wonderful year?

[ed. note: could we get our headline writer to make references to something more recent than the gary moore show?]

nathan newman reminds us that the cal legislature passed a number of progressive bills, the kind that might get vetoed should a "non-democrat" (in his words) get into the governor's office.

as of now, that seems to be only a 50/50 chance, according to the latest latimes poll, which has the recall itself approved by only about half the voters polled, according to the desert sun:

the separate vote on the oct. 7 ballot on whether or not to recall democratic gov. gray davis was split, with 50 percent saying yes and 47 percent saying no. the poll's sampling error margin was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

(don't ask us why we can't find the poll results in the latimes and had to go to the palm desert desert sun...sometimes net search engines make no sense whatsoever...but then, neither do politics!)

davis' chances are moving up slightly. but it's tom mcclintock who is surprising everybody. the supposedly "moderate" vote that peter ueberrothh gave up when he pulled a "simon" (dropping out, as opposed to pulling an "issa," where you drop out and cry about it on tv) has not drifted over to ah-nold, but apparently over to mcclintock, instead.

the same latimes poll we couldn't find on the latimes website has tom mcclintock gaining on ah-nold, 17% to 25%, a mere 8% behind the immigrant who is against illegal immigrants.

(even though the san jose mercury news suggests that ah-nold himself may have been guilty of stretching the visa rules back when he was just a poor austrian body builder trying to make money in this country...something his visa did not allow him to do!)

ah-nold refuses to debate mcclintock for bragging rights of who's the real repubbblican. the contra costa times reports that when surprised by mcclintock on a conservative radio talk show, ah-noldamiabley said he'd debate tom. but when tom pressed him for an actual debate, ah-nold rebuffed the state senator.

meanwhile, arianna needs money.

(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to california rough and tumble politics for links to several of these stories!)
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