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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, September 27, 2003

ah-nold, it's a fair question!

canada.com is reporting that even though larry "toledo, you're on the air" king has offered to host a gray davis-arnold schwarzenegger debate on his gabfest show, the terminator has rebuffed him.

the governor and the actor had some help saturday from cnn's larry king, who invited them on his show to debate one-on-one. but while davis's campaign quickly accepted, the republican front-runner's campaign insisted he has no intention of debating the democrat.

"gray davis is taking a page from the desperate candidates' handbook. he knows he's behind," said todd harris, a spokesman for the schwarzenegger campaign.

"he knows he needs to do something to shake up the dynamics of this campaign."

yeah? like what, answering questions about his positions?
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