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Friday, August 22, 2003

you have to trust us, because we're in charge

thanks to a heads up from reach'm high cowboy noose network, we surfed on over to pacific views where the lovely natasha attended an open hearing held by congressman jay inslee. here's natasha's opening remarks:

congressman jay inslee (d-wa) held a public panel today in shoreline, wa, on the subject of the possible mishandling of the intelligence information that was used to lead america to war. i went, and it was too good to keep all to myself. the following are the most accurate notes i could scribble down, only a few direct quotes, but i've tried very hard to keep to the spirit of what was said. again, unless there are quotes around something, this is not a transcript.

the three panelists chosen by rep. inslee were ambassador joseph wilson, admiral bill center, and professor brewster denny. read on to find out which one of these distinguished gentlemen said that he wanted to "see karl rove frog-marched out of the white house in handcuffs."

it's a fascinating piece of blogging, and we encourage all right thinking lefties to go read it en toto. if you don't have dorothy's little dog with you, go read it alone, because it's certainly worth your time.

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