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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

we agree

abcnews reports on a campaign of families of u.s. troops in iraq who have organized to "bring them home now."

set up as a resource for military members while sending a political message, the campaign was initiated by groups including military families speak out and veterans for peace. it unites the anti-war crowd with those increasingly disenchanted with the u.s. occupation.

with no weapons of mass destruction yet found and steady reports of american troop deaths, the campaign has received more support from military families who initially backed the war, but are now asking why their country went there in the first place, said charley richardson, whose marine son returned from iraq in may.

here is their website.

on a slightly related note...while researching this topic, we found free speech tv.org, which claims to broadcast on the dish satellite system, and several public access channels across the country. here's a list of the cable channels available.
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