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Sunday, August 17, 2003

the war that keeps on giving part one danish soldier killed, two u.s. troops wounded

radio free europe is announcing that a danish soldier has been killed in iraq:

a danish soldier has been killed in a clash with iraqi gunmen in al-basrah, danish army command in copenhagen confirmed today.

the soldier, the first danish casualty in iraq, was killed when his patrol was shot at. two iraqis died in the exchange of fire. denmark has 420 soldiers stationed in southern iraq.

in baghdad, a u.s. military spokesman says two u.s. soldiers were shot and wounded as they left a baghdad restaurant. the spokesman said today the attack occurred yesterday. he said the injuries were not life threatening.

addendum: reader dwain points out in our comments section that among other tragedies in that country, a cameraman filming for reuters was also killed...by u.s. troops.

reuters cameraman mazen dana, 43, a palestinian who has worked for reuters for a decade, was filming outside abu ghraib prison when he was shot, witnesses said. a spokesman for iraq's u.s.-led administration said an investigation was under way.

the sfchron elaborates on the specifics:

the videotape in dana's camera showed two u.s. tanks coming toward him. two shots were fired, apparently from the tanks, and dana fell to the ground. he was taken away by a u.s. helicopter for treatment.

a u.s. military official said on condition of anonymity that dana was shot by american soldiers who saw him from a distance and mistook him for an iraqi guerrilla. when the soldiers came closer, they realized dana was a journalist, the official said.
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