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Thursday, August 21, 2003

to everything, spin spin spin, there is a season, spin spin spin...

it's interesting how different media organizations present the same data.

a recent poll by the public policy institute of california in sf (a non-profit organization) was taken regarding the recall.

bloomberg has this headline: schwarzenegger leads bustamante, poll says.

and, this is true. the poll showed ah-nold ahead of bustamante 23% to 18%.

however, the san jose mercury news leads with a more interesting aspect of the poll results: polls show one-third of voters undecided.

the same ppic polls shows more people (32%) undecided than would vote for either ah-nold or cruz.

and, how much of this poll was conducted in spanish? the arizona republic reports that bustamante is the choice for calif. latinos, poll says.

now, granted, this is a different poll. the latino coalition found that cruz leads ah-nold among latinos 58% to 24%.

so a question for cruz is, how much can he rally latinos to get out and vote?

and the question for the rest of us is, how are other politicians doing in california?
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