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Monday, August 18, 2003

support the troops, just not financially

thanks to the lovely anna of annatopia, we were alerted to a demonstration by veterans in awol's vacation resort town of crawford texas last weekend.

the san antonio news express says a caravan of about 1000 people rolled through the center of town to protest the closing of a veterans hospital in nearby waco, texas.

the caravan, led by hundreds of motorcycle riders, took about 20 minutes to pass. however, the route came no closer than eight miles from president bush's prairie chapel ranch, so it was unlikely the president saw them…

"a nation that can afford this year to give a $230,000 tax break to someone sitting at home making $1 million in dividend income is one that can afford to take care of its veterans," said u.s. rep. chet edwards, d-waco.

you would think, wouldn't you? but we're sure that awol was relaxing at his ranch the lazy w (yes! maru the crankpot coined that phrase!) and didn't even bat an eyelash about the whole hoopla.
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