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Saturday, August 16, 2003

skippy endorses georgy

we were leaning towards either gallagher or angelyne for governor of california, just to be obstinate, in the upcoming recall.

however reader bruce webb directed us to the web site of one candidate who is neither a jaded politican/pundit nor a joke-candidate like gary coleman.

meet georgy russell, a 26 year old oakland native who is serious about working in sacramento from a grass roots point of view.

the oakland tribune did a profile on her:

russell grew up in oakland -- she went to hillcrest elementary, montera junior high and skyline high, for anyone who might soon want to play "i-knew-her-when" -- before graduating from the university of california, berkeley, in 1999 with a computer science degree. she co-founded a data storage company but left it in 2002 to go to work for veritas in mountain view as a software engineer in the company's advanced technology group, researching new products. she moved from oakland to mountain view a month ago.

she has never before run for office, and her activism has been mostly confined to her work with death penalty focus, a group opposing capital punishment. but the recall election was too good a chance to pass up.

georgy has been endorsed so far by jon carroll of the sfchron and howie kurtz of the washpost (though we tend to think these gentlemen are being frivolous and gently chiding the whole recall process, plus a bit attracted to georgy, because, hey, she is cute...come to think of it, those are our reasons, too!).

she is also endorsed by mike farrell and two of her elementary school teachers. you can't beat that.

where does she stand on the issues? she wants to legalize marijuana. where does she stand on the other issues? what do we care?

and, of course, she's got her own blog. good luck, georgy!
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