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Thursday, August 14, 2003

if you're in new york, you can't read this now

the city of new york, as well as some other metropolitan areas in several states, has fallen under a partial power outage. abc news says

the department of homeland security said there was no indication that terrorism was involved but said authorities were investigating the massive power outage. a senior white house administration official also said there was no evidence that the outage was terror-related

there are thousands of new yorkers stuck on the subway, and believe, us, we've ridden the ny subway, and that's not a pretty thought.

cbc news reports the outage has spread into canada, as well:

the power outage that hit much of eastern north america thursday hit several canadian cities, including ottawa, toronto and much of southern ontario.

in the country's largest city, toronto, power went out as many people were getting ready to leave downtown office towers.

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