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Saturday, August 16, 2003

a good day in iraq

it has been a good day in iraq, so far. no coalition troops have died since august 14, and that's a good thing.

but it's not like being at a $2000-a-plate california fundraiser over there. two soldiers were wounded in an attacks north of baghdad, says yahoo.

a us soldier was slightly wounded when his patrol came under attack in a village near the town of baquba, northeast of baghdad, the us army said…

[and] in an incident friday, a us military intelligence soldier was wounded when his convoy hit an ied northwest of baghdad, an army spokesman said saturday.

and bad news for the oilagarchy: abcnews reports that a major pipeline from iraq to turkey has been blown up by saboteurs, effectively cutting off all the oil flow to our ally.

saboteurs blew up a major pipeline and stopped all oil flow from iraq to turkey, just three days after the pipeline between the two countries was reopened, officials said saturday…

thamer al-ghadaban, iraq's acting oil minister, said at a news conference that the 46-inch-thick pipeline was "blown up" early friday, sparking a fire that still raged saturday.

u.s. soldiers were helping iraqi oil workers contain the fire outside the northern town of baiji on a section of the 600-mile pipeline from the northern city of kirkuk to the turkish city of ceyhan.

"it could take several days to repair it and put it back in operation. it is a large pipeline with large volume of crude oil," al-ghadaban said. "our information is that explosives were used."

still, nobody's died recently, so thank god for small favors...
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