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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

blogging around

spadehammer finds a report that proves awol is psychotic.

talkleft has the text of poindexter's resignation letter.

the horse takes the washpost editorial staff to task for slamming gore.

natalie davis has the transcript of democracy now's interview with j.h. hatfield, author of fortunate son, done before hatfield's suicide [ed. note: the conspiracy theorist on staff insist we add the word "alleged" suicide].

salam's buddy got beaten up by u.s. troops in baghdad on where is raed?

the sideshow talks about i.e. america, liberal talk radio, and where you can find it.

jane finch at the daily rant also participated in the world's worst americans survey at right wing news, as did many other lefties. however, her parameters matched our own in her refusal to include any president on such a severe list.

and tom burka over at opinions you should have has the funniest take on the fair and balanced mess.
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