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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

annthrax disses the men and women of the military - a skippy rant

yes, that's something of a surprise, but we were aghast while watching hbo's real time with bill maher this week.

rightist annthrax coultergeist was babbling on about stuff, and we hardly even know what she was talking about. (we are in an unfortunate position since bill's website does not provide a transcript).

however, we pricked up our ears when we heard her respond to the boo's and hisses from the live studio audience while she and bill were discussing awol's military service.

"oh, you pantie waist girly-boys," she said to the audience, "bush was flying jet fighters in texas, which is more than you'll ever do."

bill made a pathetic attempt to point out that awol was, indeed, awol during his tour of duty, but annthrax just brushed him aside.

"it's dangerous flying those things...and it was more dangerous than what al gore did, sitting in the offices of stars and stripes in viet nam. he had a body guard!"

bill attempted to debate annthrax about the logic that training as a jet fighter pilot in texas was more dangerous than actually being in country, no matter what you were doing, during the viet nam war, but his heart really wasn't into it, and he let her have the point.

(excuse us our paraphrasing of the discussion...if anyone has a recording and can send us an accurate transcription of what anthrax said, please email us. however, we know for a fact annthrax mentioned stars and stripes by name, and that working for that fine magazine in country was not a dangerous or risky assignment.)

now, we are not here to denigrate the air national guard or anyone who trains to become a fighter pilot. we especially are proud of those who go on to actually serve their country as fighter pilots, and we hold all men and women who serve in the guard and the reserves in the highest esteem.

still, we couldn't believe the idea that working as a journalist in country during a war was not considered dangerous. so we emailed mr. thomas e. kelsch, the publisher of the pacific edition of stars and stripes.

here is what he said in his response:

hi -- we know at least one of our reporters, paul savanuck, was killed covering the war in vietnam. we're checking to see if there were any others. in our whole history, ten stars and stripes reporters have been killed covering wars. we also know others were injured, including in vietnam. we probably could not get accurate statistics on the injured. in any case, what the pundit says is wrong. what we do is dangerous and it is insulting to think stars and stripes reporters are somehow exempt from that danger.

thomas kelsch
stars and stripes

we have not tried to find out how many men died while training with the tang...we would not be surprised if some had, and we again repeat that we don't consider flying jet fighters an easy and safe job.

our beef is when annthrax disparages all the brave men and women, our former vice president included, who worked for stars and stripes by implying that journalism, and by extension, any non-front line occupation during the viet nam conflict, was an easy and safe job.

we at skippy believe ms. thrax owes all the men and women of stars and stripes a huge apology.
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