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Friday, August 29, 2003

live from college fjord

today the skippy's are cruising through breath-taking college fjord, and inlet with 10 different glaciers, all named after colleges. don't ask, we don't know why.

we are sorry to see that while the skippy's relax and enjoy life, life is getting worse in iraq. we see that a car bomb killed at least 75 people in najaf, including a powerful shi'ite cleric that was calling for peaceful cooperation.

and we knew this would happen sooner or later, but it makes us no happier to report that the number of u.s. soldiers who have died in iraq since awol announced "mission accomplished" (may 1st) has no exceeded the number who died during the actual war, according to yahoo news.
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Thursday, August 28, 2003

update from alaska

mr. and mrs. skippy are living it up on their cruise, today spotting whales, sea otters, black bear, puffins and calving glaciers in beautiful glacier bay.

we are most happy that we have no clue as to what's happening in the rest of the world. but if we did, we'd be really happy to know that howard dean is moving far ahead in new hampshire polls, and ah-nold is going to have to start scrambling to explain his past behavior as outlined in an old oui magazine interview.
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Sunday, August 24, 2003

a whale of a time in alaska

mr. and mrs. skippy send their regards from off the coast of alaska!

skippy reports having seen a pod of whales spouting off (much like the hosts of cross-fire) just off the bow of the cruise ship the skippy's are traveling on.

in the meantime, skippy has been watching cnn in his stateroom (the ship has only two outside channels, cnn and cartoon network. it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two).

we find out that bill simon is a bigger loser than we originally thought. he gave up so soon in the california recall, making it a toss up who's the bigger jerk, him or darrell issa. at least simon had the spine enough not to cry about it on television.

we can only hope tom mcclintock and peter uberroth have more balls than simon and issa, and refuse to knuckle under to pressure from the white house and stay in the race.

meanwhile, jerome armstrong, the fine mind behind mydd, is filling in for the daily kos with a look at bustamante's solid lead over ah-nold's stagnating numbers (which might be the reason for the repubbblicans' panicked rush to get as many loser candidates out of ah-nold's way as possible).

skippy hopes to pick up a news paper tomorrow in ketchikan, alaska. we have a feeling it will be the salmon fishery weekly. till then, be sure to read kos, or atrios, or talkleft and any of the other great blogs on our blog roll.
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Friday, August 22, 2003

gone fishin'

we are going to do our impression of the horse doing their impression of awol, and take a vacation.

but unlike the horse and awol, we'll only be gone for about 10 days.

skippy is taking mrs. skippy on a cruise to alaska, something they have wanted to do for many years now.

and while there is supposedly an "internet cafe" onboard (that must be one hell of a long phone line!), we doubt seriously that blogging at a computer can compete with watching the alaskan wilderness float by (plus, the skippy's have signed up for many land-side hikes and excursions, so their time will be well spent).

skippy has given the rest of the staff the week off, so we assume that blogging for the rest of the month will be somewhere from slim to none.

be sure to visit all the great blogs on our blog roll for the latest on how to keep the rightists on their toes.

but as always, make sure you visit this one.
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now we recall what we think!

thanks to the kos, we found we love arnold.com.
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flood warnings

thanks to our buddy talkleft we were alerted to not geniuses.com, and their idea to flood the zone friday.

they want you to go over to the official bushcheney 04 action center, and use awol's own tools to send letters to the editors decrying the administration's record.

apparently, if enough of us can do it all on friday, we get a prize or something.

[ed note: one talking point the not geniuses failed to mention is our recurring bugaboo about the administration demanding america "support the troops" while at the same time cutting benefits to veterans. use that one]

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skippy looks at books

what political books are on the amazon.com top 100 sellers today?

coming in at #2: al franken's lies and the lying liars that tell them, a fair and balanced (thanks for the publicity, bill o'reilly!) look at the right

close behind at #4: joe conason's big lies, the right-wing propaganda machine and how it distorts the truth (hey, we're still waiting for our copy to review, joe!)

steady at #15: jim hightower's thieves in high places, they've stolen our country and it's time to take it back

down to #23: annthrax coultergeist's treason: liberal treachery from the cold war to the war on terrorism

moving up to #34: murray weiss's the man who warned america, the life and death of john o'neill, the fbi's embattled counterterror warrior.

steady at #41: greg palast's the best democracy money can buy: the truth about corporate cons, globalization and high finance fraudsters

falling to #51: hillary clinton's living history

entering at #57, the not-yet-released molly ivins epic bushwacked: life in george w. bush's america

still hanging in there at #61: michael moore's stupid white men...and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation!

at #63: how ronald reagan changed my life

at #65: beyond iraq: the next move..ancient prophecy and modern day conspiracy collide

at #85: all the shah's men: an american coup and the roots of middle east terror

and bringing up the rear at #98: al franken, again, with rush limbaugh is a big fat idiot: and other observations

we tried to be fair, (and balanced!) and so we included all the rightists' books as well as the lefty's! and two observations come to mind:

first, there are far more lefty books on the list, and higher up the list, than rightists' books.

and secondly, when they wrote these titles, hadn't any of these authors ever heard the saying less is more? do they get paid by the word on the cover? hillary's the only one who had confidence in her ability to write a title!
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you have to trust us, because we're in charge

thanks to a heads up from reach'm high cowboy noose network, we surfed on over to pacific views where the lovely natasha attended an open hearing held by congressman jay inslee. here's natasha's opening remarks:

congressman jay inslee (d-wa) held a public panel today in shoreline, wa, on the subject of the possible mishandling of the intelligence information that was used to lead america to war. i went, and it was too good to keep all to myself. the following are the most accurate notes i could scribble down, only a few direct quotes, but i've tried very hard to keep to the spirit of what was said. again, unless there are quotes around something, this is not a transcript.

the three panelists chosen by rep. inslee were ambassador joseph wilson, admiral bill center, and professor brewster denny. read on to find out which one of these distinguished gentlemen said that he wanted to "see karl rove frog-marched out of the white house in handcuffs."

it's a fascinating piece of blogging, and we encourage all right thinking lefties to go read it en toto. if you don't have dorothy's little dog with you, go read it alone, because it's certainly worth your time.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

say hello

thanks to our buddy talkleft, we found a new blog from iraq: baghdad burning, a female perspective of the occupation over there from "river." we are happily putting her blog under our "iraq links" column.
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blogging around

untelevised is hittin' the road with dr. dean's tour this summer.

thanks to unknown news, we find out ah-nold's secret mistress is "little house on the prairie" actress gigi goyette!

tom tomorrow finds another example of gop team leader snail mail spam.

ruminate this examines the (implied) mission statement for the us-funded iraqi media network.

nathan newman points out that indicators are up but the economy is down.

mary at pacific views follows awol and dean on their oregon tours.

lean left alerts us to the latest zogby poll (and it don't look good for awol)!

max sawicky points out that bloggers have zero influence on real life. touche, max!

atrios reports on some reservists who recently got home from their tour of duty and six weeks later are being called up again.

jay caruso at the daily rant has trouble believing 10,000 people died in france from the heat wave.

kevin drum, glenn reynolds, john lott and tim lambert...now that's entertainment!

gwbush04 reports 6-year old holding george w. bush doll hostage.

and talkleft has too many good items today to pick only one. go read the whole day's worth of posting on and talkleft, because its stuff you can't get anywhere else.
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how many protesters does it take to screw up a bush?

the answer? zero, because people are no longer allowed the right to peacefully assemble in public.

police told demonstrators that they must use the sidewalks and not the streets when they protested awol's appearance in portland oregon, says katv tv.

the oregonian says that a large fence was put up around the perimeter of the campus of the university of portland, where sky box syncophants paid tithe to awol (sorry, we mean, where the repubbblican fundraiser was held).

msnbc reported "several hundred" protesters booing bus-loads of sky box syncophants that drove by.

however, koin tv, composed of people who actually live in oregon, says it was "thousands" that demonstrated. (ok, to be fair to msnbc, "several hundred" does eventually add up to "thousands." using that same logic, we can safely say "several dozen" people voted for awol in 2000).

but if you read any of the news accounts, you'll see once again the use of "first amendment zones." we at skippy international are old enough to remember when the whole country was considered a first amendment zone, and citizens were allowed to "peacefully assemble."

of course, that was back when we had a constitution.

but the point of our musing is this: did anybody see any of this mentioned on screeching head cable news? not many, we'll wager.

the only protest we saw on tv were a few crackers* rallying against the removal of the 10 commandments in alabama.

we find it telling that a handful of religious fanatics get more press than the thousands (sorry, we mean "several hundred") citizens gathered to express their displeasure against awol.

* crackers = caucasian racists against civility, knowledge and equal rights.
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lies on msnbc

we're so happy to see many of the screeching heads on cable giving joe conason and his book big lies a chance to be heard. earlier this week chris matthews had joe on, and we just finished watching jabba the hut (sorry, we mean, jerry nachman) interview joe.

although it was a short segment, and they got bogged down wrangling over the question of al hunt's political bent (nachman: "he's a liberal!" conason: "he's a centrist!" stop, you're both wrong! he's a jerk!) it was nice that msnbc gave joe the exposure.

and jerry even mentioned eric alterman and al franken, making it the most liberal concentration on cable tv since phil donahue tried to figure out how not to get fired.
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to everything, spin spin spin, there is a season, spin spin spin...

it's interesting how different media organizations present the same data.

a recent poll by the public policy institute of california in sf (a non-profit organization) was taken regarding the recall.

bloomberg has this headline: schwarzenegger leads bustamante, poll says.

and, this is true. the poll showed ah-nold ahead of bustamante 23% to 18%.

however, the san jose mercury news leads with a more interesting aspect of the poll results: polls show one-third of voters undecided.

the same ppic polls shows more people (32%) undecided than would vote for either ah-nold or cruz.

and, how much of this poll was conducted in spanish? the arizona republic reports that bustamante is the choice for calif. latinos, poll says.

now, granted, this is a different poll. the latino coalition found that cruz leads ah-nold among latinos 58% to 24%.

so a question for cruz is, how much can he rally latinos to get out and vote?

and the question for the rest of us is, how are other politicians doing in california?
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

as goes california, so goes the nation

it makes sense to us. if turning a budget surplus into a staggering deficit and having huge electrical blackouts are reasons to recall gov. gray davis, then what about awol?

go visit tell bush to recall himself, a web site devoted to logic. there is a petition you can sign, outlining the reasons to ask awol to recall himself. there is a "dear issa" section (which turns out to be letter asking darrell to join the effort; we were hoping it was just a bunch of "what a loser you are" expletives).

please visit the site. we think it would be a good thing if awol would recall himself, although that's not the first verb that comes to our minds.

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extra, extra, medic mom moves up a notch

while perusing the truth laid bear's blog rankings page, we noticed that our favorite blog on the bottom of the barrel has actually been knocked out of last place by another!

that's right! medic mom is no longer the loneliest blog in blogtopia (y!wctp!). now, say hello to blogheads, a blog about...well, blogs.

here's their astute technical analysis of the phenomenon of too many blogs named dave, coupled with different names people have invented for an rss killer (being html morons, we assumed the "rss" was the "retarted secret service," but we are, of course, wrong).

blog heads is a good stop for any blogger taking themselves way too seriously (and includes most of us!).
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a fairly unbalanced parody

skippy might have to sue actor paul newman for stealing his smart-ass approach to political punditry...

in an op-ed piece in the nytimes, the great actor and so-so salad dressing maker skewers faux news' lawsuit against al franken by writing paul newman is still hud:

unreliable sources report that the fox suit has inspired paul newman, the actor, to file a similar suit in federal court against the department of housing and urban development, commonly called hud. mr. newman claims piracy of personality and copycat infringement.

"unreliable sources"? nice dig at cnn while you're at it, mr. newman!

there are only three other paragraphs in this very funny story, making us sigh in relief, because if that's all the satire newman can come up with, our jobs here at skippy international are still safe.
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is there a doctor in the house? oh, there is...and he's ahead in the polls!

the american research group's latest poll among democratic voters in the all-important primary state of new hampshire shows dr. howard dean pulling ahead of john kerry, says reuters.

the former vermont governor now leads his nearest rival, sen. john kerry of massachusetts, by 7 percentage points, the poll said. it marked the first time this year that dean has led kerry in the monthly poll, although nearly a third of those surveyed said they were still undecided.

twenty-one percent of likely democratic voters said they would vote for kerry, down from 25 percent last month. rep. richard gephardt of missouri was the third choice with 10 percent of support, unchanged from last month.

all the other candidates, including repubbblican joe lieberman, were in single digits.
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say hello

to as i please.
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the war that keeps on giving part one soldier killed and another injured

a u.s. soldier was killed and other injured in an attack near ad diwaniyah, reports the australian.

one 3rd corps support command soldier was killed and another injured in a two-vehicle accident while driving south on the main supply route southeast of the town of ad-diwaniyah," around 180km south of baghdad, central command said in a statement.

"the soldiers were driving in a supply convoy of palletized loading system (pls) vehicles when they received small arms fire and struck another vehicle. both soldiers are attached to the 3rd coscom operating out of kuwait," it said.

this brings to a total of 145 the number of coalition forces killed since awol flew onto the aircraft carrier, claiming "mission accomplished."

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blogging around

congrats to mad kane whose latest song parody gets a plug on the horse!

cursor points out the discrepency between the fox news transcript and what eric burns really said about fox v. franken on fox news watch.

the kos has a cynical view of awol's compassion.

talkleft lets us know that oral arguments in fox v. franken will be heard friday.

thanks to the hamster, we find a personal account of john kerry interaction from seeing the forest
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no dé a ah-nold su ayuda

both the kos and atrios are pointing out that jorge ramos, the top personality on unavision (the largest spanish language tv network in the u.s.) has come down hard and heavy against ah-nold. (remember, ah-nold really supports u.s. english, a surfacely english-only organization that may be a deeply bigoted hate group underneath).

if you don't have a babelfish, don't worry, the translation is provided by jusiper.

addendum: upon perusing jusiper's blog, we found a great single-issue blog on this very subject! say hello to the condor: the california recall.
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the war that keeps on giving part one u.s. citizen killed and two soldiers wounded

a civilian contractor was killed and two u.s. troops wounded in a rpg attack near tikrit today, says canadian tv.

guerrilla fighters attacked a u.s. convoy with a rocket-propelled grenade in tikrit on wednesday, killing a civilian working for the occupation force and injuring two soldiers, maj. brian luke, of the 4th infantry division said.

the civilian contract worker is the second to be killed this month in the city, home town of saddam hussein.

at this point there are no further details, such as what company the worker was employed by. but that makes two u.s. civilians killed near that hometown of saddam hussein. and a nepalese civilian worker was killed earlier this month in basra. canada tv goes on to remind us:

hundreds of civilian workers in iraq are employed by kellogg brown & root, a subsidiary of halliburton, a houston-based oilfield-services and construction company. halliburton, the former company of u.s. vice-president dick cheney, has major contracts for reconstruction in both iraq and afghanistan.

oh yeah, it was about weapons of mass destruction, er, we mean, saddam's nuclear capability, no, that is to say, liberating the iraqi's. yeah. that's it.
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i'll be back...but not to answer questions

ah-nold has been notoriously absent from actually making policy statements in the recall-mania here in the golden state, so we were anxious to see his economic press conference with warren buffet and george shultz by his side. (say what you will, we love "margaritaville" and those cute "peanuts" characters...what? a different buffet and schultz? oh...sorry.)

imagine our consternation when not one, not two, but three cable screed networks cut away from the press conference just as ah-nold was threatening to get into specifics. so we'll have to wait for the dead trees report.

in the meantime, however, we find that the contra costa times and channel ktvu will be holding the first candidate forum on september 3 in walnut creek (skippy has performed in walnut creek many times in his past, and has fond memories of this east bay city).

california voters can submit their questions for the candidates via email or on the form provided here.

the interesting thing about this q&a forum is that all the major candidates running in the recall will be there to answer questions...all except ah-nold.

of the seven top candidates seeking to replace gov. gray davis if he is recalled, actor arnold schwarzenegger remains the only holdout.

the candidates who have signed written confirmations that they will attend are democrat cruz bustamante; republicans tom mcclintock; bill simon and peter ueberroth; green party candidate peter camejo, and arianna huffington, who is not affiliated with a political party.

even worse, ah-nold's campgain seems unwilling to talk to the people who want to support him. the latimes tells of one man who was totally blown off by the schwarzenegger machine:

after arnold schwarzenegger announced he was running for governor, tony gilchrease, republican chairman in rural nevada county, noticed a surge of interest in politics among his younger neighbors.

so he called the actor's campaign office and asked aides to send schwarzenegger buttons and bumper stickers. he planned to hand them out to newly registered voters at last weekend's county fair.

at the fair, the young voters came — republicans registered 350 new voters, a local record — but the schwarzenegger material never did.

"i never heard back. i didn't get a phone call," gilchrease said. "i don't know why."

ah-nold's strategy seems to be to avoid answering any substative questions before the election, in hopes that stupid people will vote him in on style over substance.

not a bad idea. it worked before.

(a big tip of the bush kangaroo hat for the links go to california rough & tumble politics, the blog for all things california, especially the recall!)
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fan mail from some flounders

let's open the old skippy mailbag and see what we've got today:

buzzflash, the blog that keeps sending notices about what they've posted without actually ever linking to our blog, (what, are they run by tapped?) alerts us to maureen farrell's piece "hasta la vista democracy!"

glovefox let us know that mindscapes, heartstrings & soul-searching will be moving to mt soon. we'll give you her new address as soon as we get it!

reader rose sends us notice about maureen dowd's nytimes op-ed, which points out the power of positive thinking: even though there was no al qaeda in iraq when awol told us there was to get us to back his illegal war, now there just might be!

joe conasan's publisher wants to thank everyone for helping big lies get into
amazon's top 10

and fables of the reconstruction tells us they're analyzing john ashcroft's website!
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Tuesday, August 19, 2003


you are the 190,000th visitor to skippy!
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annthrax disses the men and women of the military - a skippy rant

yes, that's something of a surprise, but we were aghast while watching hbo's real time with bill maher this week.

rightist annthrax coultergeist was babbling on about stuff, and we hardly even know what she was talking about. (we are in an unfortunate position since bill's website does not provide a transcript).

however, we pricked up our ears when we heard her respond to the boo's and hisses from the live studio audience while she and bill were discussing awol's military service.

"oh, you pantie waist girly-boys," she said to the audience, "bush was flying jet fighters in texas, which is more than you'll ever do."

bill made a pathetic attempt to point out that awol was, indeed, awol during his tour of duty, but annthrax just brushed him aside.

"it's dangerous flying those things...and it was more dangerous than what al gore did, sitting in the offices of stars and stripes in viet nam. he had a body guard!"

bill attempted to debate annthrax about the logic that training as a jet fighter pilot in texas was more dangerous than actually being in country, no matter what you were doing, during the viet nam war, but his heart really wasn't into it, and he let her have the point.

(excuse us our paraphrasing of the discussion...if anyone has a recording and can send us an accurate transcription of what anthrax said, please email us. however, we know for a fact annthrax mentioned stars and stripes by name, and that working for that fine magazine in country was not a dangerous or risky assignment.)

now, we are not here to denigrate the air national guard or anyone who trains to become a fighter pilot. we especially are proud of those who go on to actually serve their country as fighter pilots, and we hold all men and women who serve in the guard and the reserves in the highest esteem.

still, we couldn't believe the idea that working as a journalist in country during a war was not considered dangerous. so we emailed mr. thomas e. kelsch, the publisher of the pacific edition of stars and stripes.

here is what he said in his response:

hi -- we know at least one of our reporters, paul savanuck, was killed covering the war in vietnam. we're checking to see if there were any others. in our whole history, ten stars and stripes reporters have been killed covering wars. we also know others were injured, including in vietnam. we probably could not get accurate statistics on the injured. in any case, what the pundit says is wrong. what we do is dangerous and it is insulting to think stars and stripes reporters are somehow exempt from that danger.

thomas kelsch
stars and stripes

we have not tried to find out how many men died while training with the tang...we would not be surprised if some had, and we again repeat that we don't consider flying jet fighters an easy and safe job.

our beef is when annthrax disparages all the brave men and women, our former vice president included, who worked for stars and stripes by implying that journalism, and by extension, any non-front line occupation during the viet nam conflict, was an easy and safe job.

we at skippy believe ms. thrax owes all the men and women of stars and stripes a huge apology.
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if ol' blue eyes was a blogger

he might have sung mad kane's latest parody "fair and balanced" (to the tune of "love and marriage").
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the war that keeps on giving part at least 20 dead in baghdad truck bomb blast

the associated press is saying at least 20 people died at u.n. headquarters in baghdad when a truck bomb blew apart the canal hotel where the operations were housed.

a suicide attacker set off a truck bomb tuesday outside the hotel housing the u.n. headquarters, u.s. officials said. at least 20 u.n. workers and iraqis were killed, including the chief u.n. official in iraq, and 100 were wounded.

sergio vieira de mello, a 55-year-old veteran brazilian diplomat who was only days away from the end of his four-month mission, was in his office when the explosion ripped through the building about 4:30 p.m. and was trapped in the rubble…

vieira de mello's death was announced by u.n. spokesman fred eckhard, and all the national flags that ring the u.n. headquarters' entrance in new york were removed from their poles. the blue and white u.n. flag was lowered to half staff.

this does not affect the coalition casualty count, as so far no coalition troops have been reported killed. however it is a great loss of life, in a city that is becoming more dangerous by the day.

who was it that said, "bring them on"?
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when do we get the 20 greatest lists of the 20th century?

more hands-across-blogtopia (yes! coined those phrases, both "hands across blotopia' and "blogtopia" itself!) john hawkins at right wing news has surveyed us lefties for the greatest figures of the 20th century.

it's only fair that this balanced out (so sue us, faux news!) john's earlier post of right-wing bloggers making their version of the same list.

one minor quibble which we also noticed with the earlier lists of the 20 worst americans, john: when you present the right-wing lists, your headline reads "bloggers select..." and when you present the left-wing list, you announce "left wing bloggers select..." as if the right wing is the norm, which needs no qualifying adjective.

now, is that fair? is that balanced? does hannity sh*t in the woods?
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Monday, August 18, 2003

the war that keeps on giving part one us soldier dies in baghdad blast

the bbc reports that an explosion in baghdad killed on u.s. soldier on monday.

us central command said a soldier from the 1st armoured division died after the incident in the karradah district of the iraqi capital at 1400 (1000 gmt) on monday.

the soldier was medically evacuated to a combat support hospital, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. no further details about the explosion were given.

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support the troops, just not financially

thanks to the lovely anna of annatopia, we were alerted to a demonstration by veterans in awol's vacation resort town of crawford texas last weekend.

the san antonio news express says a caravan of about 1000 people rolled through the center of town to protest the closing of a veterans hospital in nearby waco, texas.

the caravan, led by hundreds of motorcycle riders, took about 20 minutes to pass. however, the route came no closer than eight miles from president bush's prairie chapel ranch, so it was unlikely the president saw them…

"a nation that can afford this year to give a $230,000 tax break to someone sitting at home making $1 million in dividend income is one that can afford to take care of its veterans," said u.s. rep. chet edwards, d-waco.

you would think, wouldn't you? but we're sure that awol was relaxing at his ranch the lazy w (yes! maru the crankpot coined that phrase!) and didn't even bat an eyelash about the whole hoopla.
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say hello

to clusterf_cked. be warned: not for the four-letter word-squeamish.
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pumping irony

bill simon began running radio ads for the current california recall election, and the ads are dissing...ah-hold!

our fav newspaper named after an insect, the sacramento bee, says,

simon began airing radio ads this weekend aimed at schwarzenegger, arguing that voters shouldn't "send a liberal to do a tax-fighter's job." the ads claim that "schwarzenegger's team wants to triple our property taxes."

the bee also says that when pressed by the press on meet the press if he would support a schwarzenegger candidacy, bill "cut off my nose to spite my face" simon said,

"where's mr. schwarzenegger stand on the issues?" simon asked. "we don't even know. ... i need to hear people's visions and ideas and solutions before i support them."

and later, a simon spokeman reiterated his man's insistance on imitating ross perot as the spoiler, says foxnews:

simon spokesman k.b. forbes told fox news simon did not mean to give the impression he would leave the race. "we're in this to stay," forbes said early sunday. "nothing can change that."

the sfchron reports that simon "went ballistic" when cal-gop leaders tried to talk him out of leaving the race:

"the republican establishment is worried because bill simon can beat arnold schwarzenegger on oct. 7," said k.b. forbes, a spokesman for simon. "he has the message, the resources and the record of beating an establishment candidate."


[republican tom] mcclintock also is staying put [in the race]. the state senator from ventura county consistently reminds audiences that he got more votes than any other republican in california last november in his narrow loss for controller.

we have to admire bill simon for sticking to his guns, however empty the chambers might be.
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now the media wants an investigation

we hate to be so cynical about things, but it took one of the media's own getting killed by u.s. troops for a widespread calling for an investigation. forbes.com is reporting:

the u.s.-based committee to protect journalists (cpj) called for a full investigation into the killing of award-winning reuters cameraman mazen dana, who was shot dead by u.s. troops in iraq on sunday.

soldiers on an american tank shot at dana, 43, while he filmed outside abu ghraib prison in western baghdad which had earlier come under a mortar attack, witnesses said.

we are sorry for mr. dana's family, and we mourn anyone killed in this illegal war.

but why hasn't the press been more of a watchdog about it till now?
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you just ain't whistlin' dixie

thanks to the daily kos, we found this nytimes story about awol's support in so. carolina...or more accuratley, growing lack of support.

"something's got to give," said ms. mayson, a mother of three, as she left a state-run jobs center the other day. "i'm not going to vote for bush unless things change. the economy has got to get better, and it's only going to do that if someone makes something happen."

mr. chastain, whose company, mount vernon mills, has laid off 1,000 workers in recent years, is part of a coalition of textile executives who have formally complained to the white house about trade practices they contend are driving americans out of jobs and manufacturers out of business, while giving huge advantages to china and other countries.

"bush can forget about the solid south," mr. chastain said. "there's no solid south anymore."

as the kos points out, this is not only significant in terms of the upcoming presidential election, it could come into big play for the senate and house:

danny varat, an adjunct professor of history at the university of south carolina in spartanburg, said that if the economy was ailing a year from now and trade policies had not changed enough to help manufacturing in the state, republicans could have a hard time winning both the senate race and the fourth congressional district seat that mr. [jim] demint is vacating.

look away! look away! look away! to dixie land!
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say hello

to fables of the reconstruction
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Sunday, August 17, 2003

blogging around

the horse has email links to various cable screeching heads, so you can ask them all when they're going to have joe conason on to talk about big lies.

via talkleft, we find an excellent post by jeanne d'arc on body and soul, which provides research, links and analysis to flesh out this washpost article on ah-nold's connection to the dubious "u.s. english" organization.

trish wilson takes us to feministe's demonstration of how magazines airbrush reality away from women.

mwo watch watch watch watch takes us to natl geo's analysis is the u.s. wildfire policy a smokescreen?

we can't tell...is zizka back yet?
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signs of the coming apocalypse #37: skippy agrees with the right

while creating links for our devasting reply to marduck's fisking (as we have often said, "fisking" doesn't do anything not already done by monty python's "argument clinic sketch," except with less wit and cleverness), we came across not one, not two, not three, not four, but five posts by five bloggers on the right side of the aisle with which we heartily agree:

stephen green over at vodka pundit thinks that awol (not his words) had better rethink his big government conservative stance, or risk following in his fathers' footsteps...right out the door after one term!

jane galt hates idiots on the radio...ok, who doesn't, but these specific idiots are the ones who say "the black out is good for the economy." now, we don't agree with everything jane says about this concept (hell, we don't even understand half of it), but her conclusion "this black out is the last thing the economy needed, not the first" makes sense to us.

instapundit favors paper ballots, because, well...they work!

the watchful babbler at doxagora is just as incensed as we are about the military reclassifying the dying soldier who got sick in iraq (of the mystery illness), and the family wasn't therefore able eligilble for benefits. (watchful also says of lieberman, "with democrats like this, who needs republicans?") [ed. note: as much as we love doxagora, the permalinks seem to be on the fritz, so you'll just have to peruse the whole blog to find these examples. there are worse ways to spend your time.]

we agree with mr. helpful: queer eye for the straight guy is just lame. first of all, those guys don't really have that great of taste. most importantly, mr. helpful puts it best when he says "in other words, you cant make people into something they're not and you would think gay people, of all people, would know that. "

last but not least, congratulations to conrad of gweilo diaries for his 200,000th visitor! keep up the good work, conrad!
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the war that keeps on giving part one danish soldier killed, two u.s. troops wounded

radio free europe is announcing that a danish soldier has been killed in iraq:

a danish soldier has been killed in a clash with iraqi gunmen in al-basrah, danish army command in copenhagen confirmed today.

the soldier, the first danish casualty in iraq, was killed when his patrol was shot at. two iraqis died in the exchange of fire. denmark has 420 soldiers stationed in southern iraq.

in baghdad, a u.s. military spokesman says two u.s. soldiers were shot and wounded as they left a baghdad restaurant. the spokesman said today the attack occurred yesterday. he said the injuries were not life threatening.

addendum: reader dwain points out in our comments section that among other tragedies in that country, a cameraman filming for reuters was also killed...by u.s. troops.

reuters cameraman mazen dana, 43, a palestinian who has worked for reuters for a decade, was filming outside abu ghraib prison when he was shot, witnesses said. a spokesman for iraq's u.s.-led administration said an investigation was under way.

the sfchron elaborates on the specifics:

the videotape in dana's camera showed two u.s. tanks coming toward him. two shots were fired, apparently from the tanks, and dana fell to the ground. he was taken away by a u.s. helicopter for treatment.

a u.s. military official said on condition of anonymity that dana was shot by american soldiers who saw him from a distance and mistook him for an iraqi guerrilla. when the soldiers came closer, they realized dana was a journalist, the official said.
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thumbs up for "big lies"

the chi sun-times has given joe conasan's big lies great review:

two important and damning chapters are those on "crony capitalism" and the canard that "conservatives are tough on terrorism, while liberal democrats are soft." conason points out that the term crony capitalism "originated under the kleptocratic regime of philippine dictator ferdinand marcos" and "was once reserved for corrupt economic systems in developing or formerly communist countries." he shows where the worlds of crony capitalism and terrorism cross and, for the bush family, they come together most vividly in saudi arabia, via iran-contra. and conason debunks the myth that bill clinton was more concerned with monica lewinsky than he was with osama bin laden. don't take my word for it--look to conason's book.

we can't wait to get our own copy of big lies. when we do, we will give you a review of our own. (meantime be sure to buy big lies, preferrably through atrios or amy!
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here's a hint: know what you're talking about before you speak

we found we had been linked by someone new calling themselves marduck's babylonian musings.

we followed the link back to marduck to see exactly where our name popped up. and here is where marduck talked about us:

apparently skippy, who clearly wants to apply for the job of disziplinführer of the idiotarian sphere of blogging, has also been reading way too much ee cummings:

then marduck proceeds to reprint, in whole, our rant against kerry for making fun of al gore while trying to curry democratic favor, a campaign action which we thought was counter-productive.

after his quoting of us, marduck finishes up with this thought:

a rather intolerant marsupial, eh? funny how the anti-war, anti-capital, anti-fun left have such a fascist lock-step streak running through them.

now, we don't mind when someone wants to judge our opinions without actually engaging us in debate. that's how the rightists in blogtopia (y!wctp!) tend to operate.

we don't mind the name calling. after dealing with the classy part of the right, i.e., the watchful babbler, or glenn reynolds, or vodka pundit, or conrad, or jane galt, and many others who want to actually discuss the issues intelligently (and even mr. helpful!), this sort of mud slinging bothers us not in the least. nor does it suprise us, as most conservascists are known to attempt to smear the left with the very short-comings they themselves are full of.

we don't mind that marduck didn't even actually discuss the content of our post, but reprinted it entirely and then made fun of our style sheet in lieu of discussing the facts. that's how the rightists do it.

we don't even mind being called a disziplinfuhrer. we like it when people make up words, even in german.

but we are saddened that marduck did not take the time to actually read our blog.

otherwise how could he possibly accuse skippy of being "anti-fun"? how can marduck make the leap from our questioning kerry's propagating a repubbblican untruth to assuming we are fascists? and the fascists label doesn't bother us so much, but to assume we don't have a sense of humor? please!

here's a joke just to prove marduck wrong. marduck walks into a room, and catches his son masturbating. marduck says, "son, don't do that, you'll go blind." the kid says "dad, i'm over here."

well, we think we disproved that meme!
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blog roll addition

we can't fathom why we have failed to include bob "not related to dick" morris' politics in the zeros or barry bozeman's rushlimbaughtomy on our permanent blog roll until now; but we have corrected that oversight!

welcome to both fine blogs.
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Saturday, August 16, 2003

hoisted on their own repubbblican petard

in the first field poll of the california recall, the smart-ass repubbbs may have stepped into a pile of their own making. the san jose mercury news reports that so many gop candidates muddy the field, democrat cruz bustamante holds the lead.

republicans on friday turned their fire on bustamante, who is now statistically tied with schwarzenegger in the poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus five percentage points. california republican party press secretary mike wintemute unveiled a new term, ``the davis-bustamante team,'' to tie the lieutenant governor to the unpopular governor...

while democrats have a single prominent candidate on the replacement part of the ballot, boasted bob mulholland, a spokesman for the california democratic party, the republicans ``have a brutal hockey fight.''

penalty called on bill simon for icing!
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governor of the rings

wouldn't you know it. the day we announce our endorsement of georgy russell for governor of california, is the day we find out gollum is running, too!

as skippy is a bush kangaroo of his word, he will not retract his endorsement of georgy. but you gotta admit gollum would do a lot better than bill simon!

(link thanks to an age like this!)
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are we sure this guy's a democrat? - a skippy rant

thanks to atrios, we found a story about john kerry on the campaign trail, taking potshots not only at other candidates, but the former vice president al gore. from the des moines register:

"the dean campaign is saying you're kind of stealing their thunder on this on-line petition," dave price, a reporter for des moines-based who-tv 13, to which kerry responded with a smirk: "well, the last person i heard who claimed he had invented the internet didn't do so well."

we are flabbergasted that john kerry is spreading the lie that al gore said he invented the internet. this is a patent repubbblican falsehood, and not only should kerry know that, he shouldn't be making jokes at al gore's expense, not if he wants to cull democratic support.

we can't believe kerry would put down al gore like that, and hope to win the dem nomination.

first of all, al gore did very well. in case you forgot, he won the election, getting more popular votes than bush, and it took bush's dad's appointments on the supreme court to stop the legal vote counting in florida for bush to win the election.

but just secondly, how does this reflect any sort of party solidarity from kerry, if he's going to spread lies and take pot shots at the former vice president?

kerry has just fallen a few notches in our humble estimation.

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a good day in iraq

it has been a good day in iraq, so far. no coalition troops have died since august 14, and that's a good thing.

but it's not like being at a $2000-a-plate california fundraiser over there. two soldiers were wounded in an attacks north of baghdad, says yahoo.

a us soldier was slightly wounded when his patrol came under attack in a village near the town of baquba, northeast of baghdad, the us army said…

[and] in an incident friday, a us military intelligence soldier was wounded when his convoy hit an ied northwest of baghdad, an army spokesman said saturday.

and bad news for the oilagarchy: abcnews reports that a major pipeline from iraq to turkey has been blown up by saboteurs, effectively cutting off all the oil flow to our ally.

saboteurs blew up a major pipeline and stopped all oil flow from iraq to turkey, just three days after the pipeline between the two countries was reopened, officials said saturday…

thamer al-ghadaban, iraq's acting oil minister, said at a news conference that the 46-inch-thick pipeline was "blown up" early friday, sparking a fire that still raged saturday.

u.s. soldiers were helping iraqi oil workers contain the fire outside the northern town of baiji on a section of the 600-mile pipeline from the northern city of kirkuk to the turkish city of ceyhan.

"it could take several days to repair it and put it back in operation. it is a large pipeline with large volume of crude oil," al-ghadaban said. "our information is that explosives were used."

still, nobody's died recently, so thank god for small favors...
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cue the duck: ampol!

[ed. note: we think the headline was an "aflac" commercial joke, but we aren't sure.]

if you haven't dropped by american politics journal lately, be sure to do so.

bernard weiner and earnest partridge deconstruct the actual meaning of the recall with the coup inside the circus.

steve young points out something we've been saying, ie, the repubbblicans love trial lawyers when they need them (in re: faux v. franken), in those darn frivolous lawsuits!

and jeff coopersmith barely holds his lunch down while reading the washpost editorial page in blurred and schizophrenic.

also, they have a great section of famous "quotes of note" you should check out!
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skippy endorses georgy

we were leaning towards either gallagher or angelyne for governor of california, just to be obstinate, in the upcoming recall.

however reader bruce webb directed us to the web site of one candidate who is neither a jaded politican/pundit nor a joke-candidate like gary coleman.

meet georgy russell, a 26 year old oakland native who is serious about working in sacramento from a grass roots point of view.

the oakland tribune did a profile on her:

russell grew up in oakland -- she went to hillcrest elementary, montera junior high and skyline high, for anyone who might soon want to play "i-knew-her-when" -- before graduating from the university of california, berkeley, in 1999 with a computer science degree. she co-founded a data storage company but left it in 2002 to go to work for veritas in mountain view as a software engineer in the company's advanced technology group, researching new products. she moved from oakland to mountain view a month ago.

she has never before run for office, and her activism has been mostly confined to her work with death penalty focus, a group opposing capital punishment. but the recall election was too good a chance to pass up.

georgy has been endorsed so far by jon carroll of the sfchron and howie kurtz of the washpost (though we tend to think these gentlemen are being frivolous and gently chiding the whole recall process, plus a bit attracted to georgy, because, hey, she is cute...come to think of it, those are our reasons, too!).

she is also endorsed by mike farrell and two of her elementary school teachers. you can't beat that.

where does she stand on the issues? she wants to legalize marijuana. where does she stand on the other issues? what do we care?

and, of course, she's got her own blog. good luck, georgy!
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Friday, August 15, 2003

say hello

to fox news: blurred and tarnished and yankee blog and an age like this and shenme and all things nba and chip taylor and the river and tripping with karl

and, we are very proud to put doxagora back on our permanent blogroll, as the watchful babbler has seen fit to reciprocate! thanks, watchful!
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where ever there's a fight so hungry people can eat...i won't be there

war in vietnam, he signed up to guard texas.

they needed him in texas, he signed out to go to alabama.

they wondered where he was in alabama, he was no where to be found.

terrorists attack new york and washington, he goes to nebraska.

the entire northeast loses electricity, he goes to california.

are we beginning to see a pattern here?
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where were you when the lights went out?

bad doris day movie titles aside, here's where some bloggers were:

elayne riggs was on the phone, and gives one of the most comprehensive accounts of the black out in blogtopia (y!wctp!)

cleveland resident eric olsen, of blog critics, turned his cleve-blog into the official blog of the black out.

tom tomorrow was at his computer when it kicked into battery reserve.

manu at antidotal lucked out, the lights in his part of toronto stayed on!

mindless drek and jane galt were at work...worse yet, they went back the next day!

want more first hand accounts from new york bloggers? here's a ny subway map of bloggers!
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what we're listening to right now at skippy international headquarters

the los angeles branch of the virgin megastores had a sale, $10 for a cd, so we loaded up:

springsteen: born to run

garbage: self titled (debut album)

tenacious d (also self-titled, also debut album)

the temptations the ultimate collection

and for mrs. skippy: james taylor's greatest hits.

these, along with our recent acquisition led zeppelin's how the west was won have been blaring all through skippy international headquarters this summer.
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remember that other war a couple countries over?

thanks to a quick perusal of cursor.org, we come across a few links that remind us of the unfinished business in afghanistan.

reuters reports that "at least 63" people were killed in a 24-hour period this week in a series of bloody attacks by taliban sympathizers.

tom paine muses that the new relief package to the afghans may simply be an attempt by the administration to buy its way out of that fiasco.

our pal kevin at calpundit is aghast that the southeastern provice of zabul has been taken over by the taliban, and wonders why this story hasn't gotten more coverage.

[ed. note: kevin, buddy, with the black out and arnold and kobe, the iraq war isn't even getting any coverage!]
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letters...we get letters...

buzzflash lets us know that they've got an analysis of the real causes that led to yesterday's multi-national black out, culled from information by alert buzzflash readers. (are there any other kind of buzzflash readers?)

and on the opposite side of rationality, the redoutable ayn clouter suggested taking your repubbblican family to utah to visit a large hard rock thrusting out of the ground.
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the war that keeps on giving part (number readjusted by the dod to reflect wounded dying)

reuters is reporting that the u.s. military is readjusting the official number of dead from action in iraq to reflect those wounded who were shipped out to hospitals, mainly in germany, and later died there.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

riddle me this batman

q) what's the difference between the tv show "happy days" and awol's poll numbers?

a) "happy days" never actually was in the 50's!
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sick of iraq, literally, part 3

readers of this space may be familiar with the current rash of some uknown illness spreading through our troops on the ground in iraq.

the worst that happens is the soldiers who contract this mystery illness die. the second worst that happens is they live, and are ignored by the currently-under-funded and under-staffed veterans administration. the uk guardian reports:

after army sgt. vannessa turner survived a still-unknown illness doctors feared would kill her, she thought her toughest battle was over…the homefront, she's finding, can be as daunting as the front lines in iraq.

``it's easier to stay a soldier and be in harm's way than to come home and get care,'' said turner, her quiet voice quaking with emotion.

arriving at her mother's home in boston's roxbury neighborhood last month after hospital stays in germany and washington, the six-year army veteran says she was told that despite severe nerve damage in her right leg she'd have to wait until mid-october to see a doctor at the local veterans affairs hospital.

she sought help from sen. edward m. kennedy, d-mass., and eventually got an appointment scheduled this week, but the experience was frustrating for turner and her family. they look at the hero's welcome given to former prisoner of war pfc. jessica lynch, who was in one of turner's rehabilitation sessions, and see a double standard.

and even the fallen heros among our troops in iraq can't get the proper respect. the upi reports that the families of those who have died of this mystery illness are also being ignored by the dod:

the families of two soldiers in iraq who died after apparently suffering pneumonia-like illnesses are seeking independent analyses of the deaths.

"we as a family are concerned that we are not being told the truth," say the similar aug. 12 letters to secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, facilitated by the national gulf war resource center, a veterans' advocacy group...

the pentagon has listed [army spc. joshua m.] neusche's death under "other causes."

pardon us if we put on our tinfoil hats, but the words "anthrax vaccine" and "conspiracy theory" loom large amongst us. the upi continues:

a co-author of a government-sponsored study of possible side effects from the anthrax vaccine told upi last week that the army should look at whether that vaccine is behind the cluster of pneumonia cases. that study last year found the vaccine was the "possible or probable" cause of pneumonia in two soldiers.

stay tuned...
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the war that keeps on giving part one british soldier killed and two wounded

yahoo news reports that the plague of home made land mine attacks has spread south to basra, which is under the british army's perview, killing one british soldier and wounding two others.

"a british military ambulance was targeted by an improvised explosive device on the outskirts of basra's city center this morning... one serviceman was killed and two suffered non-life threatening wounds," the spokesman told reuters by telephone from basra.

this brings the total of coalition forces killed since awol declared "mission accomplished!" to 140.
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we bet it's the only thing about awol that pops up

reader rose sends us this bit of silliness from the nypost gossip page:

if you're looking for something for the kids to read, steer clear of the new illustrated pop-up book "where's saddam?" the latest from the folks who brought us the wacky "o.j.'s legal pad" a few years back features george w. bush searching high and low for the deposed iraqi madman. "is he with his weapons of mass destruction?" the authors ask. but when readers open the door to a sinister-looking bunker, george bush sr. is shown partying with his yale buddies next to an oversize sex toy. dubya even searches hell for saddam, where he finds barney, richard nixon and martha stewart.

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if you're in new york, you can't read this now

the city of new york, as well as some other metropolitan areas in several states, has fallen under a partial power outage. abc news says

the department of homeland security said there was no indication that terrorism was involved but said authorities were investigating the massive power outage. a senior white house administration official also said there was no evidence that the outage was terror-related

there are thousands of new yorkers stuck on the subway, and believe, us, we've ridden the ny subway, and that's not a pretty thought.

cbc news reports the outage has spread into canada, as well:

the power outage that hit much of eastern north america thursday hit several canadian cities, including ottawa, toronto and much of southern ontario.

in the country's largest city, toronto, power went out as many people were getting ready to leave downtown office towers.

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shout outs

we must take time to thank our good friend tom tomorrow who has graciously plugged our blog in an interview with suzy hansen on salon.com.

[ed. note: the plug and the very fine interview with tom is available only on salon premium, but you can join for one day free, after watching a not-too-odious sprint ad, although the tv ads are much funnier than this one. we especially like the one where guy brought home shamu instead of shampoo, although mrs. skippy likes the one where the guy brought home charo]

one thing tom mentions that we were just musing about at lunch today:

the blogs, i have to say, are very helpful because you have a whole army of unpaid researchers digging up all these wonderful nuggets of information.

we concur. if it weren't for the internet and blogtopia (y!wctp!) and if we only had screeching head cable news for our information, we'd be severely depressed about the state of the world (instead of merely angry enough to effect enormous change).

and while giving shout outs, we must thank the lovely and talented mad kane for snail-mailing to skippy international headquarters the april 7 issue of new york magazine where michael tomasky mentioned our humble blog in dead trees media print.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

welcome back

to our favorate small business owner, janet, over at beyond corporate.
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be all that one can be

after receiving a mass emailing from the entourage of a certain progressive asking us to plug his new book, we mailed back politely that our policy was to plug blooks of people who link to us (eric alterman and tom tomorrow being prime examples...go buy their books!)

oops! we accidentally hit "reply all," so everybody on the email list could see how erudite and witty we were.

as a result, we got a note from symbolman at take back the media mentioning that their new commercial "army of one" is about to go on the air.

it's a great commercial, and the tbtm guys could use some donations to help get it on the air.

please help in anyway you can.
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kerry blog vs. dean blog

we stopped by john kerry's official blog to see what's up. and it wasn't nice.

jon faverau (whose name link only takes you back to john kerry's home page) wrote a post linking, among other things, to a boston herald article detailing the current rash of "dean trolls" stirring up trouble at the kerry blog.

the testy rivalry between presidential hopefuls john f. kerry and howard dean has spilled over to kerry's new campaign web log, which has been swamped with mocking messages from dean backers…

but the bay state senator's online journal - patterned after dean's hugely successful blogforamerica.com - was soon invaded by swarms of taunting dean supporters, turning cyberspace into the latest kerry-dean rift.

full disclosure: skippy has not made up his mind about any candidate, except awol (and we all know what skippy thinks about him).

however, skippy has posted on the kerry blog, under his real pseudonym, admonishing the kerryites that said dean trolls are most likely freepers.

(see our good friend anna of annatopia's discussion of this phenomenon on the dean blog).

filled with a sense of kangaroo self-righteousness, skippy sent the following letter to the editors of the herald:

re: andrew miga's article "dean fans flog blog, rip kerry to threads."

we wonder if mr. miga had bothered to read any of the comments on the dean blog, or if he had bothered to click the links on the names of the supposed dean supporters who were trolling in kerry's blog.

if he had done the former, as a dean supporting friend of mine has done, he would have found no identical names correlating between the supposed dean trolls on kerry's blog, and the actual dean supporters on dean's blog.

if he had done that latter, as i have done, he would have found most of the links taking him back simply to dean's blog, as opposed to the home blog of the actual comment writer, or at least an email to same.

it's the learned opinion of most of the people in blogtopia (yes! i coined that phrase!) that the "dean trolls" on kerry's blog are actually "freepers," or denizens of the free republic.com, rightists who have tons of time and zero sex, and therefore like to make trouble amongst their perceived enemies, ie, rational people.

i am, at this point, neither a dean supporter nor a kerry supporter, but rather a supporter of reasoned, civilized debate.

but such debate requires research and analysis before writing.

how much said research and analysis did mr. miga perform before setting pen to paper (or at least fingers to keyboard) for his article?


that'll show 'em!
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we agree

abcnews reports on a campaign of families of u.s. troops in iraq who have organized to "bring them home now."

set up as a resource for military members while sending a political message, the campaign was initiated by groups including military families speak out and veterans for peace. it unites the anti-war crowd with those increasingly disenchanted with the u.s. occupation.

with no weapons of mass destruction yet found and steady reports of american troop deaths, the campaign has received more support from military families who initially backed the war, but are now asking why their country went there in the first place, said charley richardson, whose marine son returned from iraq in may.

here is their website.

on a slightly related note...while researching this topic, we found free speech tv.org, which claims to broadcast on the dish satellite system, and several public access channels across the country. here's a list of the cable channels available.
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blogging around

spadehammer finds a report that proves awol is psychotic.

talkleft has the text of poindexter's resignation letter.

the horse takes the washpost editorial staff to task for slamming gore.

natalie davis has the transcript of democracy now's interview with j.h. hatfield, author of fortunate son, done before hatfield's suicide [ed. note: the conspiracy theorist on staff insist we add the word "alleged" suicide].

salam's buddy got beaten up by u.s. troops in baghdad on where is raed?

the sideshow talks about i.e. america, liberal talk radio, and where you can find it.

jane finch at the daily rant also participated in the world's worst americans survey at right wing news, as did many other lefties. however, her parameters matched our own in her refusal to include any president on such a severe list.

and tom burka over at opinions you should have has the funniest take on the fair and balanced mess.
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skippy looks at books

we got a pr email from ayn clouter, plugging her new book, "jaywalking."

think about it: why did jimmy carter, later to disgrace himself by accepting the ignoble prize, get out of his car and walk down the middle of the street at his inauguration? and since this was clearly against the law, why wasn't he arrested for jaywalking?

...my book may be delayed by the battle to reclaim the governorship of california and for sensible congressional redistricting in texas, but the truth will come out in time. the streets belong to us, not to liberals!!

pretty funny. go read.
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freep the beard!

left hand side bar. go vote now!
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ask not for whom the chimp tolls

the smirking chimp is full of it today..."it" meaning "good stuff"...

from the bosglobe, derrick z. jackson writes questions for condoleezza.

from the crisis papers, ernest partridge and bernard weiner write about the coup inside a circus.

from first coast news, the ap's story franken makes light of fox slogan suit.

from the philadelphia daily news, john baer writes it's dean or kerry and not much else.
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comparison shopping

over at the blog for america, it's pointed out that alexa.com reports the bfa ranks at #3,050 on most visited website list.

whereas, the george w. bush official re-election site ranks as #133,255.

another interesting bit of info came from the bfa's comment section, which links us to conclusive evidence of dave cullen's existance. there dave points out that the des moines daily register (in dave's words, the "bible of politics in the first key state") has run a lengthy article describing gephardt's fade in iowa. a bit from the register story:

last week, the st. louis post-dispatch published a story citing several iowa democrats, whom the gephardt campaign claimed as supporters, who never agreed to support the congressman or never were contacted by campaign representatives.

council bluffs democrat steve gorman attended a gephardt campaign event this year, but he said he told campaign staff then he would remain uncommitted. gorman said he was surprised when he saw an item in the council bluffs nonpareil newspaper in june that included his name on a list of gephardt supporters provided by the campaign.

[ed. note: dave cullen, whose picture is on his blog, looks like he should play the goofy neighbor on a johnathan silverman sit-com]
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say hello

to we do stupid things (who has a great post linking to nathan newman's latest in common dreams).
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the war that keeps on giving part four soldiers killed, several wounded, one dead of heat stroke

we are sorry to report that so many troops are being attacked today, it's very difficult to get the details straight. please don't hold us to these figures.

for instance, the voice of america begins its article with "three u.s. soldiers have been killed in iraq, as guerilla attacks continue against coalition forces."

however, reading through the article, only two deaths are accounted for, with several wounded mentioned. the article does state, however,

u.s. military officials have said that recently there have been an average of 12 attacks a day throughout iraq and blame the violence on people loyal to the regime of saddam hussein. makeshift roadside bombs have been used in many of the recent attacks and usually target passing u.s. soldiers on patrol.

reuters states:

a u.s. soldier was killed and two were wounded when an improvised bomb was detonated near their convoy tuesday evening in the town of taji north of baghdad, the u.s. army said wednesday.

three u.s. soldiers have been killed in iraq in three separate bomb attacks since tuesday.

wednesday morning a u.s. 4th infantry division soldier was killed and another wounded when their armored personnel carrier drove over an explosive device southeast of saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit.

three reports from centcom:

mosul, iraq – a soldier from the 101st airborne division was killed and a civilian interpreter was injured august 12 when their vehicle was hit by a taxi.

baghdad, iraq – one 4th infantry division soldier was killed and two were wounded at approximately 6:15 p.m. aug. 12 when their convoy was attacked by an improvised explosive device in the vicinity of al taji.

tikrit, iraq – one 4th infantry division soldier was killed and one wounded when the m-113 armored personnel carrier they were riding in struck an explosive device near the town of ad dwar at approximately 6:30 a.m. on aug. 13.

and the houston news 24 reports one soldier died saturday of heat stroke:

the military says a soldier from the third corps support command died of heat stroke saturday while traveling in a convoy in southern iraq.

this brings to 62 the total dead since awol said "bring them on."
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mars rocks!

one of skippy's interns was star gazing last night, to see what he could see.

unfortunately, the combination of the partly-cloudy conditions in los angeles and the full moon made it impossible to score any perseids meteor sightings. he'll just have to wait for november when the leonids make their annual visit.

but, skippy's intern was, in his words, "blown away" by the sight of mars in the night sky.

"it was like so awesome, dude, it was like god was shining this bright orange laser from heaven and it made a little hole in the sky, it was wicked fine! and it was even next to the full moon but you could still see it, i swear it was like a muldar scully phenom, dude, the truth is out there, i was totally blown away. rad!"

be sure to keep an eye on mars during the last week of this month, when it's the closest to the earth in recorded history. the maine press herald reminds us that even simple telescopes will allow people to become detailed astronomers:

[the earth and mars] are so close that telescope users will be able to see distinct features. polar ice caps, dust storms, and weather changes, including clouds and haze, most likely will be visible, especially closer to aug. 27, experts said.

"we'll be able to see smaller changes because mars is so close to us." said alan davenport, director of maynard f. jordan planetarium at the university of maine. "the closer it gets the more detail a telescope can get."

remember, look to the sky!
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change of address card

the lovely kynn of the blog shock and awe lets us know she has a new url, and a brand new look to her blog, as well. first of all, it's no longer bi-polar, it seems to be taking its lithium, as it is now one blog, instead of the sort of confusing two blogs in one (though, truth be told, we liked the novelty of it. anything that's different than everything else is just fine in our book!)

kynn does a marvelous job of analyzing stories that fall even through the cracks of blogtopia (y!wctp!), so please, make your bookmarks and visit shock & awe often!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

the truth laid bear is out there

we love to see our name in print, er, well, in pixels refreshing across our 800X640 screen, at least.

so we love to go to the truth laid bear's blog ranking by daily hits page, where we have, thanks in part to instapundit and tom tomorrow these last couple of weeks, climbed up to rank #49! yay! our ego is sufficiently momentarily satisfied.

but while on that page, we like to look at some other blogs, mainly ones we haven't seen before, and usually, the ones who only get a few hits a day. (is that slumming? blogging? blog slumming? blumming? slogging?)

some recent finds:

the unofficial kerry for president blog...thoughtful, interesting, his official blog could learn a thing or two from this one.

girls! girls! girls!...girls writing girly stuff...they love aragorn and capt. sparrow. swoon!

sci phi...thoughtful and short lefty posits (take heed, bloggers, "short" works!)

blog of the moderate left...boy, could they be more specific about their political leanings?

the political junkies...a blog in the true sense of link culling...nothing but quotes and links from other sources, yet the very quotes indicate the political bent (leftist) of the junkies themselves. one to watch, to utilize, to enjoy!

the blog of chloe and pete...they have to move, their lease is up in sept. good luck, kids!

sugar 'n spicy...damn interesting. seems to be a blog about, among other things, illustrations, old tyme graphics and art and its relation to soceity. but we don't know for sure, we just looked at the pictures.

blogadder...on the right, yet non-vitrolic, actually thoughtful musings.

the fire ant gazette...describes himself as christian, but he doesn't seem too in-your-face about it. sounds like a guy we'd have a beer with.

the yale free press web exclusives...libertarian and witty, a lethal combination.

the lincoln plawg...a law blog from britain, currently following the blair/gilligan/bbc/kelly controversy. worth checking out.

the bemusement park...cheese and culture from wisconsin...but he's on vacation, so check back next week.

and finally, we are of mixed emotions (part dismay, part obstinate "right on, mom!") to report that medic mom: the weblog is still on the very bottom of the list! you (don't) go, girl!
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