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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

the war that keeps on giving part two more dead in spite of killing uday and qusay hussein

and a british officer dead from earlier collapse.

in spite of the victory of killing saddam hussein's 14 year old grandson, u.s. troops are still dying at a rate of about one a day in iraq.

wistv.com reports two more us soldiers killed, one in mosul, one in ramadi.

two more american soldiers have been killed in iraq. they died in attacks on two convoys.

a military spokesman says a roadside bomb went off on the outskirts of mosul, destroying a vehicle in the convoy. six other soldiers were hurt. mosul is the city where saddam hussein's two sons were killed in a firefight tuesday.

the other convoy was attacked late tuesday night in the city of ramadi, west of baghdad. one soldier was killed and two were wounded.

stay tuned.
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