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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, July 24, 2003

the war that keeps on giving part two dead sons of hussein only increase the killing

while the u.s. displays pictures of the bullet-ridden bodies of uday and qasay, against almost every culture's protocol for the treatment of the dead, 3 american troops died near mosul today, says yahoo news.

the three american soldiers who died today were members of the 101st airborne division, the same division that killed uday and qusay hussein on tuesday during a four-hour gun battle at a house in the northern iraqi city of mosul.

the americans were traveling in a convoy toward qayyarah, a city near mosul, when they came under fire from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, the united states central command said. no soldiers were reported wounded.

so much for plan b...

(for those keeping count, the number of u.s. troops killed in iraq after awol announced "mission accomplished" is now only 40 less than the number killed in the war preceeding his tom cruise imitation).
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