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Saturday, July 26, 2003

the war that keeps on giving part three dead while guarding children's hospital

3 more u.s. troops were killed, and four wounded, in a grenade attack north east of baghdad, says abc news.

a grenade attack saturday killed three u.s. soldiers and wounded four as they guarded a children's hospital northeast of baghdad, scuttling hopes a widespread guerrilla insurgency might lose strength after the deaths of saddam hussein's elder sons.

abc claims that the deaths have brought the total number of troops killed "in action" to 161 since the start of the war. lunaville, who counts all deaths, including those from non-hostile action (ie, accidents, friendly fire, and suicide) puts the total number dead at a much higher 242.

abc also says that guerilla attacks on u.s. troops are averaging at about 12 a day.
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