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Thursday, July 31, 2003

the war that keeps on giving part three more troops killed today

bloomberg reports two more u.s. troops died in iraq today.

one u.s. soldier was killed and four were wounded in an attack on a military convoy today in baghdad. another soldier died in a vehicle crash in southern iraq.

meanwhile, centcom reports that yesterday another soldier was killed and two more wounded in small arms fire, near the town of ba'qubah, east of baghdad.

the lunaville iraq coalition casualty count now stands at 292, one less than bloomberg is reporting.

and in an interesting development, the u.s. military admits to killing civilians in the baghdad raid while searching for saddam hussein, reports msnbc.

four days after u.s. troops killed several passers-by in baghdad during the hunt for saddam hussein, the u.s. commander in iraq admitted on thursday that innocent people had died, but stopped short of accepting blameā€¦

angry neighbours accused the task force 20 special unit hunting saddam's inner circle of failing to block all the side roads leading to a house they were raiding on sunday in baghdad's upscale mansour neighbourhood. when a car strayed into the fire zone, soldiers blasted it with machineguns.

u.s. soldiers and medical staff at a nearby hospital told reuters five men, including a teenager, were killed.

good thing the mission was accomplished!
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