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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

thanks for the memories

we think mr. hope would approve of skippy's reason for not being able to write a eulogy upon the venerable comedian's passing yesterday...skippy was busy working in the recording studio on a comedy show during the day, and then he was at a script reading for a producer last night. but rest assured that upon hearing that bob hope died at the age 100, skippy and his entire staff stopped and said a silent joke in honor of america's favorite funny man.

bob hope's movies, especially the early ones in the 40's and 50's, were some of skippy's favorites. the road pictures, my favorite spy, my favorite brunette, casanova, ghostbreakers, all hilarious examples of impeccable timing, rapid-fire jokes and a certain physical grace.

bob was a dancer as well as a comedian, or more accurately, a hoofer; he cut his performing teeth in vaudeville, at a time when being a performer meant doing it all: singing and dancing as well as telling jokes.

and, it is skippy's humble opinion that bob hope was a pioneer in the goofy-break-the-fourth-wall-admit-we're-in-a-movie dynamic that the zuker brothers and many others take for granted today.

aside from the movies, bob was a master of every other medium america had to offer: the stage (on the road in little american towns on the circuit as well as the bright lights of broadway), radio, and of course, television.

but you can't mention bob hope without talking about his dedication to the military of this great country of ours. for years he would pack up as many hollywood stars as he could fit into a trunk and go entertain america's fighting men and women on the front lines, wherever they might be, including the first gulf war. unlike some people we could name, bob was not afraid to put himself in harm's way, or at least really close to it, to show his support for his troops.

skippy had the extreme honor of meeting bob once, many years ago, after skippy warmed up an audience for a british television show filiming in hollywood, on which bob was a special guest star. it is with great pride, as well as great sadness, that we say goodbye to bob hope, an american institution.

thanks for the memories, bob.
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