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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, July 31, 2003

score one for the good guys

good thing nobody was investing in john poindexter's future!

the army times reports that convicted felon and mastermind behind the terrorism stock market is slated to resign "in the next few weeks," reports the nytimes.

while defense secretary donald h. rumsfeld did not personally dismiss admiral poindexter, the defense official said, mr. rumsfeld agreed that the admiral's credibility was shot and it was time for him to go.

too bad it was just his credibility. the times continues:

the current furor centered on an initiative called policy analysis market. under the plan, traders were to be able to begin registering on friday to trade futures on developments in the middle east as of oct. 1 on a web site of the policy analysis market, which the pentagon was operating with private partners.

poindexter's stock is, apparently, going down.

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