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Saturday, July 19, 2003

need proof? we'll make some for you!

newsday is saying that intelligence reports on iraq's weapons capabilities were "a problematic footnote" during the clinton administration, but under awol's term, grew to seven times their size, based on which way the "political winds" were blowing.

although not stating that the cia actually "cooked the books," several former top intelligence officials do posit that the cia began writing iraq arms intelligence reports for "the consumers" -- the people in the administration.

"i'm afraid that the u.s. intelligence community, particularly the cia ... is sometimes quite sensitive to the political winds," said greg thielmann, who retired in september as a senior intelligence official at the state department.

thielmann, who is critical of what he says has been an administration proclivity to exaggerate intelligence to support the war in iraq, said that changes in tone and content in the current reports refute the white house argument that there has been consistency in the claims over the past two administrations.

once again, kids, it's not really a lie if they don't catch you at it.
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