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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, July 21, 2003

moveon to the papers

we got another email from moveon.org, this time asking for money to help publish ads calling for an investigation into the uranium-iraq-niger shaggy dog story.

last wednesday, the senate voted along party lines against authorizing an independent commission. it's becoming increasingly clear that republicans want to bury this issue. in doing so, they're placing their own partisan interests ahead of the safety and security of the country. we need to tell them that that's just plain wrong. that's why we're launching a series of newspaper ads around the country that call on members of congress who haven't pledged to support a commission to place truth over politics.

we'll need to raise about $225,000 to make a real impact. we can do that if we all contribute -- $5 or $500. you can view the ad, see where it's running, and give to make it happen at: moveon.org contribute to local wmd ads

at least the dead trees media will be worth something!
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