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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

letters...we get letters

plenty of mail today, announcing one thing or another:

reader chris sends us a note alerting us to a great buzzflash interview with barney frank.

madkane wants us to look at the plan for the email system that the white house rejected (we did, it's very funny, vintage kane).

reader sb1000 alerts us to a good interview by greg palast about the bush family fortunes.

and, alas, we must give our apologies to reader alex kulczycki, who sent us a hilarious parody of the dixie chicks' "goodbye earl" entitled "goodbye george." however, we live in today's environment of government reprisals for the slightest disagreement.

(witness the military leaders getting in hot water for their troops dissing rumsfeld, or joe wilson's cia wife getting her cover blown, or even conservative cartoonist michael ramirez getting a visit from the secret service for a too-subtle-for-wingnuts parody of the famous vietnam execution photo).

therefore, we are a bit hesitant to publish anything that indicates violence, however subtle (and poison is the subtlest of all violence, that's what they say on csi!) against the pretender to the throne in dc.

but trust us, it was a hoot. sorry, alex.
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