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Saturday, July 26, 2003

just plame reckless

sen. charles schumer, in a letter to fbi director robert mueller, is calling for an official investigation into the "outing" of joe wilson's cia covert operative wife valerie plame, allegedly by senior administration officials, according to newsday.

schumer, a democrat, said fbi director robert mueller has an obligation to determine who divulged the identity of valerie plame, the wife of former ambassador joseph wilson, and "whether any higher-ups were involved."

wilson sparked the uranium intelligence controversy when he questioned president george w. bush's now discredited state of the union claim that iraq was shopping for uranium, a nuclear bomb ingredient.

…robert novak, a washington columnist, identified plame as an agency operative on weapons of mass destruction in a july 14 column. wilson has since charged that the disclosure was part of an intimidation campaign to silence him and others.

cbs.com editorial director dick meyer, in his editorial "george w. nixon," likens what happened to wilson and his wife to tricky dick's "enemies list" and the creeps at c.r.e.e.p.

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