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Saturday, July 19, 2003

how is the ways and means committee like a fruitcake?

it's full of fruits and nuts, and if you didn't see that one coming, you'd better start learning braille!

in yet another piece of evidence that the democrats are actually growing spines these days, there was a terrible brawl full of name calling and actual summoning of the police on capital hill yesterday.

the repubbblicans, lead by chairman bill thomas, tried to get a draft of pension bill passed without letting the democrats either (a) time to read the bill or (b) time to discuss it.

the dems went into a back room to talk things over amongst themselves, leaving rep. pete stark to stave off a unanimous repubbblican vote.

both thomas and stark are from california, and both are not known for their ability to play well with others. things got dicey, according to the boston globe:

in the main committee room, stark insisted that the bill be read word for word, a rare tactic that would give his democratic colleagues in the back room time to discuss their strategy. the bill's reading infuriated republicans, eager to vote and leave town for the weekend.

according to the democrats' version of events, thomas's staff summoned a capitol police officer, who told them that a ''disturbance'' had been reported and ordered the democrats to leave the back room. the democrats refused to budge.

according to the republicans, thomas called the police because he feared that stark would get into a fight with representative scott mcinnis, republican of colorado, a former police officer 21 years stark's junior.

[ed. note: what the globe fails to clairfy is that mcinnis is 50. do the math, that makes stark, the man he was physically afraid of, 71 years old.]

a transcript of the committee meeting quoted stark as belittling thomas's intellect. although the transcript does not show it, mcinnis interjected, ''shut up.'' the transcript then shows stark saying: ''you think you are big enough to make me, you little wimp? come on. come over here and make me. i dare you, you little fruitcake.''

the police, upon assessing the scene, decided they were out of their jurisdiction (or league), and left without making arrests. but, the bill passed.

now, the kids over at eschaton, who feel that fascistic behaviors deserve smart-ass responses, are suggesting that everyone mail bill thomas a fruitcake. they provide rep. thomas's address, and links to mail order fruit cakes.

we like that idea!
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