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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

happy blogiversary!

to ignatz!

sam heldman, lawyer and blogger extraordinaire, has been blogging for about a year. and, as he admittedly is older and wiser now, sam finds himself less inclined to spout off about one thing or another, than when he was a hot-headed youth of how-ever-old-he-is-today-minus-one-year-ago.

therefore, he points out, that he will be blogging on ignatz at a slower, more erractic pace than before. but sam is quick to point out this is not a hiatus (he insists he doesn't have ted barlow disease), and only a lessening of his need to rant.

this is actually a good, healthy thing for the individual blogger, if not for blogtopia in general. (yes! and sam correctly knew we coined that phrase!)

so please, continue to check in with ignatz on an erractic basis, because if you're anything like us, your whole life is pretty erractic anyway.

happy blogiversary, sam!
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