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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, July 24, 2003

fanmail from some flounder

we get a lot of letters from friends and relations alerting us to various causes and happenings around the country:

one such friend sent us a link to naral, urging everyone to email their own friends with information about being pro-choice.

and then reader rose sends us a story from the balitmore sun about a 62 year old man who was fired as hosting of a concert series he founded for dissing awol during one of the shows:

working with friends in the folk music scene, max ochs co-founded a summer concert series at quiet waters park in annapolis eight years ago. he has played host ever since, volunteering his saturdays to introduce bands, strum a guitar and read poetry during intermission to an audience of hundreds.

but after ochs made what anne arundel county officials say were intemperate remarks about president bush at a concert july 12, the county told the 62-year-old former civil rights activist his services were no longer needed.

the "intemperate remarks"?

by all accounts, ochs told the audience that "our leader" was one of the few americans who dislike reading. he wondered aloud whether the pauses in bush's speeches reflected an inability to follow words on the teleprompter.

we're not worried. we doubt that awol reads skippy, either!
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