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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

dean beats cheney!

not literally, though we can dream can't we? the blog for america reports that they raised $508,640 over the weekend for dr. dean's campaign...more than double their stated goal, and twice what cheney was expected to dick in his $1000 a hot dog fundraiser luncheon today at the very exclusive rich white man's club.

and, the dead trees media noticed! here's the boston globe story:

cheney ''does it with people who get plaques for raising $100,000. (dean's supporters) are regular people -- students, retirees -- who give $50,'' [dean campaign manager joe] trippi said. ''if george bush is running against that, it's not a left-wing thing or a right-wing thing, but people participating in their democracy. people don't want to believe that about us, but we'll just keep talking about it -- and proving it -- until they do.''

and here's the concord monitor:

in post after post, dean's staff took the opportunity to answer dean's skeptics, who doubt a former governor of vermont can beat the popular, well-funded president: "this is how you will defeat george w. bush in november of 2004," aides wrote.

let's keep our fingers crossed.

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