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Thursday, July 31, 2003


reader larry rubinow writes to correct a mis-statement we made earlier concerning the veterans' hospital here in los angeles:

"westwood, ca" is a small town in lassen county, about 500 miles from bakersfield. "westwood" is a neighborhood in the city of los angeles...i grew up in west los angeles and westwood (the neighborhood), and attended ucla. westwood was a fine place then, and may still be (though i have my doubts; in my youth, it was still possible for a middle-class family to purchase a decent house there). but i stand firm in my belief that a state shouldn't have two cities with the same name. hence, "westwood, ca" is in the shadow of mt. lassen, and "westwood" is in the shadow of the mormon temple.

we stand corrected, larry! by the way, westwood, the neighborhood (the one with the veterans' hospital), still is a fine place! great movie theaters, great restaurants, great coeds in shorts this time of year!

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